Remembering Peter Lindbergh

On Tuesday September 3rdof this year, the fashion world lost a memorable photographer, Peter Lindbergh. With several tributes ranging from Cole Sprouse to Meghan Markle to Victoria Beckham and more, they all have nothing but kind words and memories of how he influenced and impacted their lives and creative careers. 

He’s worked with many known faces of today like Laverne Cox, Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz and Cara Delevigne. Although, he is most remembered for his rise to fame in the 80s and 90s by photographing supermodels Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. However, his most iconic photo for British Vogue for the January 1990 cover was with Rachel Williams, Tatjana Patitz, Karen Alexander, Chrisy Turlington and Linda Evangelista, where they wore nothing but simple white oversized shirts and underwear against a simple backdrop, so he could capture the one thing he was completely interested in, their faces. 

The idea behind is work is to capture nothing but women’s essential beauty with no air brushing or photoshopping. He always strongly believed against editing and retouching because that only would encourage women to fear aging and not feel like they looked youthful enough, when they shouldn’t feel that way at all. The reason his work’s black and white is because he believe it tells a deeper story and is easier to connect with. His iconic work and ideas on how he helped women love themselves and their uniqueness. He’s left an imprint on many known faces, brands and magazines and his nurturing and positive nature will be remembered for many years to come.