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By Kate Briones

        A lot of times in life bad things will happen. Those bad things can be small, drastic, annoying, a burden, or life changing. As you get older more difficult or bad things will happen to you. They will be hard and they will suck, but you will get through it.I know that’s what everyone says tho.

      “You’ll be fine.”

      “It’ll pass and you’ll forget all about it”

      “Don’t be so dramatic.”

         I know how that feels to have people say that to you. I know how it feels to have be things happen to you. I know a lot of people who have experienced this as well. They become fearful of whatever that thing is.

         It always makes me sad to see people experience bad situations and not be able to recover or face them. So I hope that by sharing my bad situation in life will help show you that you can overcome yours as well.

         So this fall term was my first term at my school and away from home. I’m from California but I go to school in Georgia. The term was going good up until the last three weeks. That's when disaster hit me, and I never even saw it coming.

        I woke up one day feeling really sick. My left side hurt really bad and I was throwing up everywhere. Instantly I knew something was wrong, so I yelled at my roommate to wake her up. She helped me get an uber to the hospital and off I went by myself.

       When I got there they gave me a room and the pain just kept on getting worse. The doctor came to talk to me, had me take some test, and then left. At this point the pain was so bad I couldn’t even lay on the bed. I ended up laying on the cold floor crying from the pain and terrified for I had no idea what was happening.

       I layed there wanting my mom to come and save me, but she was all the way across the country. So I was there all alone with no one to help me. Finally the nurse came back, saw me on the floor and quickly put an IV in me to help with the pain, it worked. The doctor came back and the minute she did she just flat out told me what was wrong.

    “You have a kidney stone.” she said

      The minute she said that it left like everything stopped and I just shut down. I called my mom to tell her everything and had the doctor talk to her. She was terrified. So the doctor gave me a lot of prescriptions, sent me home, and wished me the best of luck.

     Those next three weeks would be the most difficult weeks in my entire life. All I could do was take my pills to help with the pain and continue on with school. The pills somewhat worked, but the pain was always still there and it hurt like hell. All I could do was call my mom and try to deal with this all by myself. I would go to class and sit on the floor just so I could pass. Finally in the last week I ended up having to get surgery to remove the stone since it got stuck inside me.  

     I had to go to the surgery by myself. I prepared for my surgery and sat there waiting for it to begin. I just sat there and cried because I was so scared and needed someone, anyone to be there with me. The surgery was a success and the stone was gone. So then I went home and finished my last week of school. The recovery was hard because it made it difficult to walk, but at least the stone was out of my.

    At the end of the three weeks, I went home for break and got to see my mom. The moment she saw me she broke down crying and so did I.

    I knew at the end of the month I had to go back to school. To the room I layed down in pain and to the place where I would be by myself again. I was terrified to go back; the thought of it made me cry. I wanted to quit and never be alone again, but my mother told me that she believed I was strong enough to do this. That she believe that out of anyone in our family I was the one who could go out on my own and do this. Hearing my mother say that to me and seeing how much faith she had in me helped me to make up my decision and go back to my school in Georgia.

      I cried when I left her to go on the plain. But she just smiled, said I love you and you can do this. I know that if I gave up I would have disappointed her, so I smiled and left.

      The first week bad at school was hard. I felt lonely, sad, scared, and anxious. But I called my mom everyday, face timed her, and ate the cookies that she made me. I now feel a bit better. I feel like I can stay here and complete school. I’m still scared being here and being near hospitals make me nervous but I know that I have someone who believes in me. Even though she is far away I can still feel her love.

      I know this may seem fake or over dramatic, but it is all 100% real. A lot of people go through scary or bad stuff in life. So more dramatic than my experience and some less. But that doesn’t matter cause we all have to go though the feeling of being scared, sad, and anxious afterwards.

      But just know that you will get through it because somewhere out there, there is someone who believes in you. Whether it be family, a friend, a doctor, a therapist, a teacher, or a stranger there will always be someone. You also might not be the only person who has gone through your situation. There maybe another person out there just like you and they understand how you feel. It may take some time for that wound to heal, but trust me i promise someday it will. And I can't wait for that day to happen for for.

     Never Give Up.


Kate Briones


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