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My Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

By Genevieve Odukomaiya

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I know as SCAD students we are all looking forward to this much-needed break- I know I am. It’s always so rewarding to go back home from a long 10 week quarter and simply just relax and distress from all the hard work. Thanksgiving is easily one of my favorite holidays and for me I can simply sum it up due to 2 reasons: food and Black Friday shopping!

Now I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, but my ethnicity and familial origins are Nigerian and being of Nigerian descent mean a lot of Nigerian food during Thanksgiving. We of course have the basic staples of Thanksgiving such as the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, but we also have a lot of common Nigerian foods added in like jollof rice and dodo (fried plantain). And don’t even get me started about deserts- I love a good pumpkin pie topped with whip cream. Every year my family hosts a big Thanksgiving party and its always a fabulous time with food, family, and friends. Anywhere there is food, is bound to be a good time in my opinion!

The fun doesn’t stop there because the next day is- drumroll please!- Black Friday! Being a fashion major, I am of course obsessed with fashion and shopping, so I really take advantage of Black Friday and the crazy sales! Now I haven’t always gone Black Friday shopping, but in recent years it’s been a tradition that I really love and enjoy. And when I say Black Friday shopping, I’m really referring to online shopping. I sit back in my comfy clothes, put on some holiday movies, and shop away! Now that sounds like an excellent Thanksgiving!

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