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September Apple Event

Every year in September, Apple holds their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). In this conference, Apple announces the new products that will be available for pre-order. Along with new iphones, ipads, imacs, laptops, etc. Apple announces when the new iOS update will be released. As of September 19th, Apple released iOS 13.

“iOS 13 makes your iPhone more powerful, personal, and protected than ever.” – Apple

What to Expect

“iOS 13 is designed to give your iPhone a whole new look. And take it to a whole new level.”

Dark Mode: “A new Dark Mode option gives iOS and apps a beautiful dark color scheme. Perfect for low-light enviornments. Dark mode is easier on your eyes and won’t distrub people around you”.

All-New Photos Tab: “The all-new Photos tab lets you browse your photo library with different levels of curation, so it’s easy to find, relive, and share your photos and videos. You can view everything in All Photos, focus on your unique photos in Days, relive your significant moments in Months, or rediscover your highlights in Years”.

Adjust Portrait Lighting Intensity: “Virtually adjust the position and intensity of your studio lighting. Increase the intensity of each Portrait Lighting effect — moving the light closer to your subject — to smooth skin, sharpen eyes, and brighten facial features. Or decrease the intensity of the light — moving it away from your subject — for a subtle, refined look”.  

Sign In With Apple: “Sign in to apps and websites quickly and easily using the Apple ID you already have. No filling out forms or creating new passwords. Just tap “Sign in with Apple,” use Face ID or Touch ID, and you’re all set”.

Maps: “Rebuilt from the ground up, the brand-new map features significantly improved and more realistic details for roads, beaches, parks, buildings, and more”.

There are so many more features along with these! 


My name is Daniela. I am an Alumna of at SCAD Atlanta. An interesting fact about me is that I have three citizenships: American, British, Canadian.
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