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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD ATL chapter.

This Spring Break, some of you may be going out of town with your friends and family but the rest of you could be staying in. Nonetheless, Atlanta will be here for you to explore anytime. If any of you who are staying in are worried about what to do and where to go, make use of it and get some great shots of yourself. I’ve grown up here and over the years the city’s become more modernized and evolved drastically to cater to us, the millennial generation obsessed with likes and comments on Instagram. So, I’ve tried to add some real cool, free, aesthetic Atlanta-y places for you to go with relatives or your best buds to take some pictures individually or with each other!

1. Jackson St. Bridge 

Located in Downtown Atlanta, you will not find a better place to get a view of the beautiful Atlanta skyline. Whether the day is sunny or cloudy, I’ve been on both, it still has an amazing view. I recommend going at golden hour as the sunlight shines not only off of your face but the buildings behind you as well. 

2. The BeltLine

For those of you who are not from Atlanta, the BeltLine is a planned 22-mile loop that connects neighborhoods and parks that consists of unique graffiti and wall art. The most famous areas of this are found at Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market. Since Spring is around the corner, so is the good weather. It is a great way to get a walk in plus some pictures against the differing wall art. There are restaurants around these areas so if you need a break from this photoshoot, go grab some food! 


3. Krog Street Tunnel

Again, located at Krog Street Market, is a beautiful tunnel, off of the BeltLine, that consists of more art and backgrounds to take pictures. There isn’t a single section in this tunnel that won’t give you a nice backdrop with the unique graffiti art and crazy color schemes.

4. Switchyards Downtown Club

This bar and grill has an aesthetic inside but it is more known for its exterior. There is a wall on the outside as well as a neon sign “Made with Soul in Atlanta” that many people take to their advantage in their photoshoots.  A lot of photographers use the light from the lit-up sign to make some very aesthetic photographs.   

5. Atlanta Humane Society Banner

Another authentic location is found against the wall at the intersection of Howell Mill Rd. NW and 10thStreet. This one may be out of the way and slightly difficult to find, but several people use the “Atlanta” aspect from the “Atlanta Humane Society Banner” in their photographs. The wall is slightly old and dirty but still aesthetic and a fun place to take pictures. 

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