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How to Support Your Girlfriend After Sexual Abuse

There are wonderful support groups and online communities for rape and sexual assault victims to share their stories and lend emotional support. But how do you support someone you know who has been sexually abused when you haven't? How do you be there for them in their hour of need when you have no idea what they're going through? How do you let them know they are not at fault and are still loved?

In honor of sexual assault awareness month and the "No Means No" campaign, a brave University of Georgia student shared his perspective after his SCAD girlfriend was raped by another man. This boyfriend, who chose to remain anonymous, recounts comforting his girlfriend after her traumatic experience and shares his beliefs about sexual assault awareness, especially on college campuses. If you know someone who has been sexually abused and don't know how to personally help, this video will give you a fresh point-of-view on providing love and support to those you care about who are struggling to love themselves. 

This video includes facts and statistics about sexual assault courtesy of RAINNWellspring Living, the Daily Dot and motherjones.com. Select images are courtesy of Flickr: Katherine HannahMattFavrim.com



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Emme Raus is studying for her B.F.A. in writing with a minor in creative writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She studies at the SCAD Atlanta campus and loves her dog Jerry.
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