Get Away to Get Closer: Vacay and Connect

Am I the only one who can’t believe its March already?!! Spring break is around the corner and summer will be here before we know it. If you’re like me, then you are definitely in need for some relaxation. So, now is the time to start planning for your vacay, whether it’s for spring break, this summer, or later this year. Not sure how? Well, I’m your girl! First, we’ll go over a brief overview of the things your vacation should provide depending on you plan to vacation with.

#1 Family Fun

Between work, school, stress, daily hassles, and everything that life brings, it can be very difficult for a family to spend the proper quality that they need. To catch up on this needed time, vacationing can be the perfect solution. So, go reconnect as a family already!  Vacation areas with nice beaches, are some of the most perfect places for you and your family. Think about it, you all as a family can have fun, play in the water, and picnic. Realistically adults will tire out faster than the kids. So, let the kids continue to play. While their bonding and building the biggest sand castle ever, you guys can lay back, unwind, and have bonding conversations, reflecting on life. And remember, most beaches are surrounded by shops, restaurants, and carnivals for additional fun. Now, if you’re looking for something a little more, cruises and resorts can give you exactly what you are looking for. And as a bonus, for families with small kids, most have kid-watch sections. To top it off, if you plan well in advance, you’ll be sure to find reasonable family deals!! However, if you’re looking for something more local, there are a lot of islands and beaches near Savannah, GA. Below is my top pick.

Atlantis Paradise Island ( Bahammas)

Image Credit: Atlantis 

Atlantis Attributions:

  • Water Park
  • Spa
  • Live Entertainment
  • Yacht
  • Dolphin Cay
  • Golf
  • Atlantis Theatre
  • Sea squires
  • Snorkel
  • Shopping
  • Wild Comedy Club
  • Stingray experience
  • Scuba
  • Pottery Studio
  • Bar Lounge
  • Earth fire
  • Shark adventures
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cartoon Network
  • Tennis
  • Marine Habitat
  • Library
  • Specialized Events
  • Fitness Center

#2 New Couple or Friend Group 

Go small, as a new couple! Ok, you might not like the sound of this, but I assure you it’s the best choice in the end. Think about it,  the beginning of any relationship is usually the most hot and exciting stages of the relationship. Everything you guys do together is a new experience for you guys as a couple. Thus, pretty much everything will be ten times more fun now than later down the road. So, take advantage of the fact that right now you guys require less effort and money to have a great time. I suggest to just stay at a comfortable hotel and enjoy a local amusement park or beach. Okay now that maybe very small. So, if you guys need a little more, try to travel to a different state and enjoy any free (or close to free) museums or attractions. Be sure to go to new clubs, restaurants, and do pretty much anything that will you a big bang for a small buck. Also, make sure that you checkout any sale or bargain website, like groupon or priceline, to cut back your price. Below are details on one of my fave states: California.

Image Credit: Universal Studios

California Attributions:

  • Top Theme Parks/Attractions
  • Lego Land
  • Celebrities
  • Sea World
  • Luxurious Boutiques
  • World-Class Museums
  • Safari Park
  • Universal Studio Hollywood Park
  • Great Beaches
  • Top Restaurants and Clubs

#3 Ultimate Baecation

My best suggestion is to go somewhere far! Out of the country.  Again, vacationing can be affordable if you plan early and save. Trust me it’s worth it. Psychologically, if two people go to an unfamiliar place, they typically attach themselves to each other because they are the only people or thing that’s familiar to them. So, take advantage of this phenomenon of the mind, attach, and remind yourself of why you fell in love in the first place and why your love should continue and finish blossoming. Couple activities including meditation, spa dates, {man rowing you], help with reconnection and spiritual attachment. These activities are great, but don’t get me wrong, everything you do, doesn’t have to be slow pace. You should have days during your trip that you kick it up a notch and have wild fun. In addition, your vacation spot should have a very beautiful and peaceful scenery to help soothe and clear your minds of any issues you had.Below are details on one of my top picks, Hawaii.

Image Credit: iStockphoto

Image Credit: WATG

Hawaii Attributions:

  • Royal Palace
  • Six Major Islands
  • Meditation Centers
  • Hula
  • Volcanoes
  • Hawaii Regional Cuisine
  • World’s Largest Sea Mountain
  • Beaches
  • Local Activity Centers

So go! Go plan your get away to get close, let loose, connect, and build memories with your loved ones. Share your vacay pictures with us by tagging @hcscadatl, and posting #hercampus.