Four Must-See Panels at ATVFest

ATVfest tickets have almost all but sold out, so SCAD students better hurry to snatch their favorite panel tickets. Thankfully, Her Campus SCAD has you nailbiters still deciding covered with our compiled list of the panels that are most likely to bring FOMO (fear of missing out) to your life if you don't snag a seat.

1. Talk the Runway with "Miss J Alexander"

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SCAD has had a long relationship with Miss J. Miss J teaches the models how to walk the runway for the Savannah fashion show. I’m surprised they haven’t done this sooner. If anyone can talk for an hour with no one else, it’s Miss J. From watching him on America’s Next Top Model, we know he’s entertaining as h*ll. It may not be a life-changing talk, but there’s a good chance you’ll watch your gay friends freak out. Personally, I really hope Miss J teaches everyone how to do a runway walk. This event will surely be talked about throughout the weekend.

2. AMC Presents "The Walking Dead"

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"The Walking Dead" is finally back at ATVFest! People can stop complaining about them not being there. Okay, maybe that’s strictly people at the Atlanta campus. When they came two years ago, it had to be one of my favorite Q&A sessions. The audience cried (it was a sad episode), laughed and we learned interesting facts about our favorite show. This one was a last minute addition, so it will not be on the original programs. Rest assured they are coming. I would never lie about anything relating to Norman Reedus. Hopefully, they loosen the reins on my restraining order so I can get a decent seat.

3. ABC Presents "How to Get Away with Murder"

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I went to this screening last year. My only complaint was that I didn’t sit close enough. Nor did I take enough pictures. Last year Jack Falahee (Connor), Aja Naomi King (Michaela), Karla Souza (Laurel), Charlie Weber (Frank), and Liza Weil (Bonnie) were all in attendance for the Q&A session. They provided thoughtful answers even to the questions that didn’t require them to. I’m still slightly embarrassed from last year's student questions. One girl asked Jack Falahee, “which man-whore doe you channel?” Way to make Paula Wallace proud. It’s a good thing Jack has a sense of humor. Fingers crossed they’ll all show up this year along with a few more cast members.

4. ABC Presents "Grey’s Anatomy"

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It’s about time the students of SCAD went to the doctors. Now all we need is for SCAD to bring "Scandal" and then we will have a Shonda Rhimes convention. Perhaps, Shonda Rhimes will be there. Two of her shows will be at ATVFest after all. Hopefully, the panelists that come will bring a much-needed sense of humor. The audience will surely need it after watching the drama-filled episode. This might even get me back to watching the show after you-know-who died.

Let’s be real. As interesting as some of the panels will be, everyone wants to see some celebrities. Unfortunately due to some scheduling, SCAD can’t confirm panelists until the day before. This means that everyone start praying for Norman Reedus to come! Or if you aren’t religious … then tell everyone else to pray for the cause!