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Last night, I attended Twerknology Part 2. An event thrown by none other than Pus*y Power. Pus*y Power is lifestyle brand that empowers Women. The ladies behind this organization are a power house! Aside from making the world a better place for Women, they do photography, design and sell clothes, and throw parties that everyone feels comfortable at.


The Venue

Upon entering the building, I was taken aback by how pretty the venue was. Revery VR bar is lightly decorated leaving the guest to be the final decorations for each night. The walls and floors were white. The large room was evenly lit with red fluorescent lights. There were cute leather couches for guest to lounge on. It was a very classy, high tech lounge. In the middle of the room were booths with large flat screen tv’s in them. The occupied booths we’re filled with people wearing headsets and holding controllers. That’s when it hit me I was partying at a VR bar. I rushed back to the front desk and asked about purchasing a booth. Thirty minutes of gameplay will only run you $20. During those thirty minutes you have access to a multitude of virtual reality games. It comes with a VR headset and two controllers. I was escorted to my own booth. Before leaving, the receptionist gives you a quick demo on using the VR gear. I spent the first hour of the party playing fruit ninja, and killing zombies in a secluded cave.

The Party

I could hear the music playing in the background as I wore the VR headset. It was very enjoyable to play a game of basketball to Eve’s ‘Gotta Man’. Near the middle of the event, the crowd began to thicken. My hour of gameplay was up and I decided to make my way to where the crowd was. The bar was lit beautifully with more red lights, and the DJ booth was set up on a stage for the crowd to dance in front of. Being that this event was thrown on Halloween night, plenty of people were dressed up as their favs! Now, the name of the event was Twerknology, so yes there was plenty of bumpin’ and grindin’ going on as there should be!

The Atmosphere

The energy of this party was like no other. I’ve been to plenty of night clubs, and bars that had some hardcore crowds. Twerknology was different. The room was filled with positive souls that were only there for a good time. Even the music selection made you feel good. The DJ’s played plenty of groovy throwbacks. They even played some tracks from Atlanta artist that were in attendance that night, like Yung Baby Tate’s ‘Bob’ single. The crowd looked very artsy. The girls were dressed in cute heels that accompanied their Halloween costumes. Majority of the men there weren’t in costumes but they were just as good looking. Even the bathrooms were cute (and clean). Before my night ended, I remember feeling comfortable enough to dance by myself. I witnessed multiple girl groups that went out together that night slow dance with each other as the DJ played some old R&B. Everyone had pleasant and relaxed looks on their faces. My final thoughts were me being in such awe at the warm atmosphere Pus*y Power created for their guest. Twerknology was 11/10, and I would strongly recommended to anyone looking for a fun girls night out.  

Want to know when Twerknology part 3 is happening? Follow them on instagram @puss.ypower.


Ivy Banks


Born in northern Virginia and raised by New Yorkers, Ivy was exposed to a lot growing up. Ivy Bank$ is a Film & Television major at SCAD Atlanta. Born to two Artist, it's no mystery on why she decided to take up the arts herself. As a little girl she lined the walls of her room with her own paintings. As she grew, so did technology and her interest in different art forms. By her preteens she took up filmmaking, and has stuck with it ever since. At the age of 17, she was diagnosed with a rare brain condition that only spared her some sight in her right eye. Due to the extreme amount of vision loss, she stepped away from physical filmmaking. To deal with the pain of a huge lifestyle change she took up writing. Writing for Ivy has become a way for her to express her deepest thoughts, and help others visualize the way she views the world. She's very passionate about writing screenplays, and aspires to direct her own studio film one day. Follow her on Instagram @boy.no
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