Bleach Free Hair "Dye" That Actually Works!

What's oVertone?

oVertone is a company that sells pigment hair "dye". The products are made to dye bleached or natural hair, or to maintain color. In addition to the initial pigment, you can purchase pigment depositing shampoos and conditioners to help with maintenance. The prices range from $17 – $50; this depends on if you purchase a single product versus a complete set and etc. 

Why Should I Try It?

This is a good way to try your dream hair color without the commitment. If you tried a color and didn't like you, then you could let it wash out over time. I didn't keep up with my color, and it ended up getting way lighter over the course of a couple weeks. I've always wanted to be a certain shade of red, that probably wasn't obtainable without bleach... so I thought. Here's another reason to try oVertone. I've had my hair dyed red at a salon, and it was the color I wanted without using bleach; the problem, it cost my $150, and I would have had to keep going back every 10 weeks, and that's too much money. With oVertone, I bought the deep conditioner for about $23 and my hair was fire engine red, it was crazy! 

My Hair Journey

I started dying my hair around my senior year of high school. I naturally have such dark brown hair that it appears black. In the sun, my hair appears very red. Here's some photos showing my hair progession over the past 4 years. I currently dyed my hair as close back to my natural hair color, which is basically black.