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Being Different Does Not Make You a Freak



Everyone in this world is different in their own way. As a society we encourage people to be different and unique. If you are called special then that is a compliment. We all want to be that different person. However, sometimes when people call you different they don’t always mean it as a compliment.

I’m sure we all know or have met someone who ha s been called different in a negative way, or maybe we are that person. Those words of being called different, a freak, weirdo, or a mistake hurt more than anything.

Unlike physical injuries these take a lot longer to heal or sometimes they don’t heal at all. Those these may seem like silly words to some, when you are called them they now feel like that word identifies you.

As if that word is taped to you back for all of the world to see. There are so many children and even adults that go through this. The people that are saying these words to them probably don’t even know what they are doing.

They may think that they are just saying a hurtful word to bring someone down and then move on. I’m sure that if people understood the long term pain that came with saying those words to people then they wouldn’t say it. I don’t think that the people who say those words to others are bad people, I just think they are insensitive.

Words are a very powerful tool that can lift someone up or destroy them. I’ve heard these things and experienced some of them myself.

From hearing someone tell a girl that she needs to go take their crazy pills because she is on medication for anxiety. Or that guy who was called an idiot for not being able to read the board in class because of his dyslexia. Or for a girl who was called defective because she couldn’t understand what someone was trying to explain to her because she has comprehension disorder.

Hearing stuff like this traumatized people and changes the way they see themselves and the world. There are so many people out there who go through these scenarios and any others ones. Some deal with these words by shutting down, crying, depressions, or maybe even hurting themselves. These words are dangerous.

So my advice to those people who are going through this is that there is nothing wrong with you. Embrace those differences for they have made you strong. Since society tells us that being unique is a good thing than you must be amazing. Take that sign off your back that that person has put on you for you don’t need to acknowledge them.

And for those people who do say these words listen and look to the people you have said them to. Imagine if that was you family member, friend, or loved one who was going through that. Sticks and stones may break those peoples bones but words will last a lifetime.

I'm Kate Briones and i'm a freshman here at SCAD Atlanta. I originally from California, LA.
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