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Atlanta Stay-Cation: A Low-budget Guide to All Things Atlanta Summer 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD ATL chapter.

Illustration by Christine Burney.

After another arduous year, it is time for some much-deserved summer chill time. But before you let your thoughts wander over to the pool and a salty-rimmed margarita, remember to power through these last few weeks! Knock out that last project and get yourself ready for summer by putting your whole heart into the end of the quarter  whether your time at SCAD is coming to a close forever or just this school year, you owe yourself a nice finish. In the meantime, give yourself something to look forward to by whetting your appetite for a lovely summer in the one and only Hot’Lanta.

“Meet Up”

First, do yourself a favor and check out Meetup.com. All you have to do is sign up through Facebook, pick your favorite kinds of activities and join the groups that sound the most interesting to you. You can begin meeting up with people to do everything from sports, writing, dancing and even collaborate on a personal project. This is basically a sweet (and free) way to connect with people who are doing what you want to be doing. It may even be a great place to start your summer schedule planning. 

Cultural/Musical Freebies

In Georgia’s captial there are some activities that go on every week while others are for a limited time only, but one thing is for sure; there is always something free to do in Atlanta. In fact, you could have something fun to check out every day if you planned it. Summer festivals in the city are a great way to spend regular quality time with friends and show family guests around town. Check out some of these periodic and reocurring festivals and arts and entertainment going on around Atlanta.

ATL Festivals

Reoccuring ATL A&E Events

For more free things to do, chick here

Atlanta Outdoor Movies

Though it gets a bit crowded, seeing films on the outdoor screen is like a return to a simpler time when drive-in theaters were the place to go and relationships mattered more than money. Why not work some these titles into your summer schedule? Make it a regular part of your summer schedule to get the most out of the silver screen. 

Movies Dates and Locations around ATL

  • May 26: “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (2004)
  • June 2: “Romeo + Juliet” (1996)
  • June 9: “Finding Nemo” (2003)
  • June 16: “Legally Blonde” (2001)
  • June 23: “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (1984)
  • June 30: “Top Gun” (1986)

Free-entrance Parks

Atlanta is reportedly covered with 40 percent trees and the parks of Atlanta are a significant portion of that. Parks are great for a nice walk or run, to bird or people watch or pitching your hammock between two trees for a nice rest. 

Piedmont Park

1071 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 30309, 404-875-7275

  • Swimming (Aquatic Center opens May 29, 12-5pm). Free weekdays 3-5 p.m., other open times adults pay $4.
  • Group Sports fun. Get a group together and play some volleyball, soccer or frisbee.
  • Attend some top-quality free festivals. The Atlanta Jazz Festival is May 27-29. 
  • Get some fresh food and Kambucha tea at the Green Market: Saturday’s 9-1 p.m. at the 12th Street and Piedmont Avenue entrance.
  • Check out the happenings at Park Tavern, the restaurant in the park.

Centennial Park

265 Park AV. W. NW, Atlanta, Ga. 30313, 404-223-4412

  • Check out the Fountain of Rings (play in it and/or wait to watch th musical shows that happen throughout the day).
  • Have a picnic right in the middle of downtown Atlanta, near the Coca Cola Museum and The Georgia Acquarium.
  • Music at Noon in Centennial Park, every Tu/Th 12-1 p.m., May-Oct.
  • Wednesday Winddown, music in Centennial Park, Wednesday’s 5:30-8 p.m., May-Sep.

A Historical Adventure  

You will find the treasure and excitement of a city, when you get to know its history (the good, the bad, and the ugly). There are many opportunities to explore Atlanta’s history; below are just a few of our favorite locations.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

450 Auburn Ave. NE, 404-331-5190

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area 

3350 Klondike Rd., 404-998-8384

Historic Oakland Cemetery

450-488 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, 404-688-2107

Sporting Events 

Atlanta’s discounted sporting events are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you have never been to an Atlanta game, get your tickets now.

The Braves final season at Turner Field

Atlanta’s Women’s Basketball Team, The Atlanta Dream

Starting out as a staff writer & visual contributor in the Spring of 2016, Christine soon became the replacement Campus Correspondent at Her Campus Savannah College of Art and Design for the 2016-17 school year. In January 2017, she facilitated the launch of the SCAD Atlanta branch's own editorial launch, apart from the Savannah campus, leading the team to win some 2017 Her Campus awards!  She is an illustrator and avid history lover, and she also served in the Army as an Analyst and went to Bethel Ministry School before attending SCAD.  Her goal, as an illustrator, writer and in life in general, is to mine life of the treasure contained within.  She loves to find and put on display ideas, people (portraiture) and beautiful things.  Valuable things that are all around us in our everyday life in the form of friends, coworkers, classmates, nature, even industry.  She loves music (even writing songs and performing!), dance and new adventures.   Eventually she plans to write and illustrate children's books, have her own business featuring greeting cards, paper products, and her own revolutionary online/physical editorial publication.  For more about Christine check out her website at www.christineburney.com.