Arkansas Cracks Down on White Supremacists

Arkansas recently indicted 54 people with ties to the New Aryan Empire, a white supremacy gang, for allegedly having dealings in committing acts of violence and drug dealing. The New Aryan Empire is known for Nazi swastikas and Heil Hitler salutes. The charges include murder, conspiracy, and drug trafficking, are part of an operation called "Operation To The Dirt".


Where Did This Gang Come From? 

The New Aryan Empire is said to originate from an Arkansas jail in 1990. Deputy Assistant Attorney General, David Rybicki, says that "has moved from our prisons to our neighborhoods," Mr. Rybicki also adds that they count roughly 5,000 people as members. 

The Gang Is Said to Be Very Dangerous 

Mr. David Rybicki says that the gang has gone as far to intimidate witnesses to the gang’s violent and threatening behavior. In one case, members of the gang burned an informant’s face with a hot knife. The gang is also closely tied with gun and drug trade. 

Operation to the Dirt 

The operation is named after a gang code that dictates that members will be members of the gang for life. US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas Cody Hiland said he plans to prosecute the case under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, otherwise known as the RICO Act. The act, which has been used to prosecute other organized criminal groups, allows prosecutors to target leaders who order other people to commit crimes on their behalf. So far, authorities have seized 69 pounds of methamphetamine and over $70,000 dollars in drug money from the New Aryan Empire. 


In our growing and changing world, it’s important that we celebrate all our differences and diversities. It’s important to see our daily interactions with people as learning experiences to show us how we should grow and to treat people as we would like to be treated. Our world and society are propelling forward, but there is no room for racism or nationalism. As human beings, we should embrace one another and celebrate our differences. Love can be found in every person and as people, we should focus on the love instead of hate. Abolishing groups, like The New Aryan Empire, are paramount to creating a better world for us and those who come after us. There is no room in our world for racist and violent groups and we, as a society, should not tolerate those who act as such. Let’s learn to love each other.