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Alumna Aspen Evans on Job Preparation and ‘The Real World’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD ATL chapter.

Image courtesy of Acquille Dunkley

This week I had the chance to catch up with Aspen Evans, a stylish SCAD photography alumna whom I met through student media. Also a former Her Campus SCAD staff writer, Aspen graduated not that long ago after Winter quarter 2016 and has some excellent nuggets of wisdom to share with upcoming SCAD Grads. Take a look. 

KB: What have you done since graduating from SCAD Atlanta?

AE: I currently work at KEH Camera and have been freelancing as a photographer on the side. I’m saving up to move to L.A. in the next year or two to work as a fashion photographer out west. 

KB: What’s the most valuable lesson/skill that you learned during your college years?

AE: Treat every project as if it is for your job portfolio. Your portfolio changes as you grow so constantly update and add new work, whether it be class projects or personal ones.

KB: What was your favorite part of your college experience?

AE: Being at a school in the city. There is so much opportunity to learn in your field outside of school and apply what you learn in the real world. Also, I loved the collaborative environment of SCAD. Working with different majors was definitely a perk and portfolio-booster such as fashion students with their senior collections. In art school, everyone is a model for someone’s project at some point, so I can definitely add that to the list of fun times.

KB: If you could tell your first-year college self something that you know now but didn’t then, what would it be?

AE: Get tutors if you need them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I probably would have done a lot better in drawing and design freshman year if I wasn’t so scared of looking like I didn’t belong in art school because I couldn’t draw or know the principles of design. If you’re teachers are sucky and not doing the job you feel they should be doing in helping you, find other students that are doing well and ask them for help.

KB: What advice do you have for collegiettes who are about to enter the workplace?

AE: Triple check that resume and portfolio to make sure its polished to a tee. Get comfortable with talking about your background and best/worst traits. I’ve been asked that on every interview. Also, keep in good contact with your peers. Your classmates may very well be the ones that could lead you to your next job opportunity. I was hired on the spot at my current job from a friend’s personal recommendation at the company.

View Aspen’s gorgeous fashion and style photography by checking out her online portfolio

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