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5 Friends Looks You Can Wear Today

In honor of Friends celebrating its 25th anniversary since it aired. We couldn’t be even more to re-live 90’s nostalgia and the most iconic fashion moments in the show. So go ahead and pivot on through the photos and putting on your Pinterest board for inspiration. 

1. The Opening Credits- Of course when you think of the iconic theme song “I’ll Be There For You” and Rachel’s outfit is something easy you can wear today

                                                                             Express ($24.50)- One Eleven Mock Neck Tee

                                                                             Lulu’s ($26.00)- Black Mini Skrit

                                                                             Image Credits: People

2. Rachel’s Red Plaid Look- This is the episode where Monica got her identification stolen so she tracked her down to a tap-dancing class. Even though the episode was about Monica realization to live life more through the other Monica. All eyes were on Rachel outfit because she killed it and plaid trousers are one of the top trends this fall as well. 

                                                                             ASOS- ($19) Wednesday’s Girls relaxed t-shirt with heart balloon print

                                                                            Forever 21-($15) Plaid Paperbag Pants                                                                                           


3. “If I Was In Prison You Guys Would Be My Bitches” Look-  To be honest, Phoebe was always my favorite character out of all the characters because of her hilarious one-liners and her kookiness and a nonchalant way of being unapologetically honest. This episode is the episode where Rachel is moving out Monica’s apartment because Chandler and Monica are getting serious and are moving together (*tear) so anyway they sad that it is the “end of an era” they started getting angry with each other when they finally bared their souls and told each other what they don’t like about the person ( yeah as you suspect it gets ugly real fast real quick). In Phoebe she makes them see how ridiculous they are being to go back be sad again as they were in the first place. Even though all of this is going down Phoebe takes the cake in kicking ass and look good while doing it. 

                                                                            ASOS ($31) Faux Shell Button Through Maxi Tea Dress

                                                                            Image Credit: Cosmopolitan


4. Monica The Mom “Jeans”- Monica’s mom jeans are the epidemic of the 90’s fashion. This look is so classic yet current to right now. It makes any guy say “How you doin” 

                                                                            H&M ($3)- Short Jersey Top

                                                                            Urban Outfitters ($59)-BDG High-Waisted Mom Jeans

                                                                            Image Credit WeHeartIt

5. Rachel’s Last Episode Look- We can all admit we shed a tear when the final episode hit especially when Ross admitted to Rachel that she is the one for him but it is too late because she got a job offer to Paris but Ross chased her to tell her how he really feels about her when he finally did. She got off the plane. Even though that was emotional I promise I won’t cry. The outfit she chooses to wore was remembered within itself.

                                                                            ASOS($24)-Silky Cami Top

                                                                            Lulu’s ($24)- Black Mini Skrit

                                                                            ASOS($8)- White Top For Layering                                                                              Image Credit: People

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