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As finals are approaching and the semester is coming to an end, it is hard to stay motivated when it feels like your life is falling apart. By falling apart, I am talking about having back-to-back exams on one day or having to write a paper that was given to you a week before it is due. Not to mention that we have just returned back from Thanksgiving and for once, got a bit of a break before the madness began.

After five years of having to take finals, you would think that I would be used to them by now.

Throughout my five years at St. Bonaventure University, I have faced some stress-free finals weeks, but I have also had a very packed finals week that led to burnout. From my experience of a heavily packed finals week, I learned it is all about prioritizing your time and seeing what is due first, but most importantly, it’s about making sure your well-being comes first.

One of the major resources that I depend on a lot during finals is my planner. My planner helps me organize what I have to do throughout the week and the time I should be doing it. I tend to be realistic about the times I plan on completing something because I know for sure I would hate to wake up early in the morning to study.

My overall advice, for you the reader, is to take it one step at a time. Finals week is tough, but before you know it, the week will be over and for a month you will be taking time for yourself and not have to worry about finals until the end of the next semester.

hi! recent sbu grad trying to navigate grad school and post grad! :)
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