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The XX Album Review

It’s been five years since indie pop group, The xx released anything new. They don’t disappoint with their latest release of upbeat tracks in their dreamy new record, I See You.

The group takes risks with this album compared to their previous self-titled work and their 2012 record, Coexist. This album really dives into a more emotional place for the band, exploring themes like self-doubt and vulnerability.

Oliver Sim recently opened up about his struggles with alcohol abuse during the group’s break which he incorporates into their track, “Replica.” In other tracks like, “Brave For You,” they send the message of confidence with their lyrics. Romy Madly Croft adds a personal touch by dedicating the song to her parents who passed away.

The xx took their time with this album and it really shows. They’ve created smoother transitions from track to track. They chose to step out of their comfort zone and compared to their previous work, have brought a new sound to their discography.

They know how to take simple sounds and add in powerful beats, meaningful lyrics and the group’s haunting voices. It’s the difference between each track that makes this the most enjoyable of their work so far.

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