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Taylor Swift kicked off her highly anticipated tour last Friday and every Swiftie across the globe is crying tears of joy. Fans are hearing some of their favorite songs from over a decade ago in a brand-new way. Not only that but we are also getting new videos of Taylor herself. But my favorite part is the amazing outfits, from Taylor and the fans. Swifties are going all out on this tour because why not make the most of an experience that, lets face it, may never happen again? Here is some outfit inspiration if you are planning to attend a TS concert in the next couple of months.

Recreate an Old Outfit

Many fans are choosing to recreate an outfit Taylor has worn in the past. This could be anything from an awards show dress to an outfit Taylor was captured in by paparazzi one time. I have seen so many great ways people have incorporated old Taylor looks into their concert experience. Some of my favorites are the ones that are super simple but easy to distinguish. This could be Taylor’s all-black outfit when she recently performed at the HAIM concert in London or her stunning look in the “Bejeweled” music video. I also predict we will see a lot of recreations of Taylor’s current tour outfits in the very near future. 

When in Doubt, GO COuntry

You can never go wrong by simply putting on a cowboy hat and a pair of boots. These paired with practically anything show you are ready for Taylor to perform “Love Story”. You could even elevate this look by wearing some bright pink cowboy boots or bedazzling your hat. You have so many options with this look and will fit right in with the thousands of 2010 Swifties. 

Sparkles: the more the better

Pretty much anything sparkly is appropriate attire for this event. A sparkly jacket, dress, or even shoes could really help you stand out in a sea of fans. Personally, this is my favorite and will probably be the most similar to what I wear. Also, sparkles go with everything so how could you go wrong?

Take Inspiration from your favorite era

Going this route definitely leaves you with the most options. There are so many different eras to choose from and each is unique from the last. They are also extremely distinct from each other so no one will be confused about which album is your favorite. If you choose Reputation, go for a black look or bright pink and blue for Lover. It really helps that each album has its own Taylor-assigned color so if you are a little stuck go from there. 

Don’t stress about it too much though. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you feel comfortable and have a good time. Don’t forget to bring your friendship bracelets, grab your merch, and take plenty of photos and videos. 

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