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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

Whether you’re going on a date with a significant other, treating yourself or celebrating Galentines day there is always a way to celebrate and have fun on a budget. One of my favorite sayings is, “bougie on a budget,” and you can be with just a little planning and you won’t regret looking at your bank account the next day. It all starts with the outfit. It isn’t too hard to find an outfit to celebrate in. Check your favorite stores’ websites for sales or catch the sales that are happening, along with the coupons they send in your emails. If there are no sales happening, you could always search your closet and pair outfits together. You can stick to the red, white and pink color scheme and you can pair pants with a cute white long or short sleeve turtle neck with cute boots. If it’s warmer in your area you can pair a cute leather jacket with a blush pink spaghetti strap shirt, a burgundy skater skirt and strappy open toed shoes or short black booties.

When it comes to make up and you want a new palette, Forever 21 offers affordable palettes. You can try drug store brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics, NYX, Wet n Wild and more. They offer foundation, concealer and other amazing products you would need to get ready. For makeup it’s always best to go light-weight on your date, especially with your significant other. However, you could always go full coverage on your event if you’re more comfortable doing so. Some looks you could do is a cute neutral look so you can have a bold lip, or you can do a bold berry Smokey eye with a gloss or neutral lip. Lastly, you could do a look that’s not too bold and it can start off as a neutral look, but you can deepen your crease slightly with a deep red, plum or a little bit of black. By doing this it allows you to choose whatever lip you want.

Lastly, you have to have spots you could go to and still enjoy your day or night. One place I recommend if you’re especially in NYC is Gyu Kaku. It’s a delicious inexpensive Japanese BBQ place that has locations in various areas around the United States. After that you could take a nice stroll under the night sky. Also, you could go to a drive-in movie and pick up fast food before you get there or pack a picnic for the movie. Another idea is to cook at one of your places and have a candlelit dinner and go out dancing with each other. Finally, you could go to a dinner at your favorite restaurant and go to a free event (you can find free events in your area on Facebook).

Always remember to have fun and stay safe, especially if you’re going out with someone new and/or plan on have sex with anyone, remember to use a condom. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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