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Unique Halloween Costumes To Try Out This Year

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

Halloween is known for its candy, spooky decorations, and parties. But what stands out the most are its costumes. You are guaranteed to see people dressed as witches, zombies, pirates, fairies, and even in the classic onesie. However, some people may want to stand out this year or need ideas on what to dress up as. Which is why I have compiled a short list below containing a variety of different options. 


Sirens are a mythical creature known for their alluring voices that entice sailors to their death. A great way to capture this look is by finding a flowy dress, (extra points if it’s long with an open back). For shoes, you should look for sandals since sirens live in the sea, although flip-flops work just as well. Allow your hair to remain down, and if it’s long enough, add a loose curl. For a headpiece, you should try to find something with shells. Perhaps a shell clip on? Or a headband made of pearls would do nicely. Finally, add some jewelry to match your headpiece, you can wear as much or as little jewelry as your heart desires. 

The Kardashians/Jenners

The Kardashians and Jenners are known for their reality TV show, alongside having a successful career in the modeling industry. Their large family allows you to pick who you want to dress up as. I recommend finding a photo of an outfit you want to replicate. Depending on what’s being worn, you may be able to thrift some of the pieces. A great way to pull the look altogether is to add some of their personality to the costume. Maybe there’s a phrase they say a lot, or a certain expression. Including these traits will allow your costume to really shine. 

Sandy From SpongeBob

Sandy is a squirrel who lives in Bikini Bottom. She can often be seen wearing a diving suit and helmet, since she is unable to live underwater. For this costume I would find a white dress, however a white skirt and purple top would also suffice. For shoes black convers would be perfect, or if you’re going for a fancier look, black heels. Adding a pink flower behind your left ear with a high ponytail makes for the perfect touch. You can add purple and pink jewelry if you choose, although it won’t be needed. Additionally, you can include pink or purple nail polish for a little extra color.

Isabel Marzullo is a member of Her Campus SBU chapter. Isabel writes pieces surrounding books, mental health, and food. Isabel is a sophomore journalism student and the Opinion Assignment Editor at the Bona Venture. During Isabel's free time, she enjoys photography, reading, and hiking. Isabel picked up photography while in High School and quickly turned it into a hobby. She can be seen reading anything from romance to thriller. Lastly, Isabel enjoys walking on the Allegheny trail with friends along with long walks when she is at home.