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Do you remember the time when everyone had the UGG boots that went all the way up to your claves and perhaps had bows on the back? I do. As I am 19-years-old now, this fashion trend took place around the time that many of us were in middle school, specifically 6th grade. 

I might hold some deep-rooted jealousy because I never had a pair of pink UGG boots with little pink bows going up the back, but I vividly remember, even in my middle school mind, how much I couldn’t wait for that fashion trend to be over. This fashion fad did disappear for a while, but now it is back. I was almost shocked to see the number of pairs of UGGs I saw walking around campus after winter break. 

Now don’t fret, it is not the pink, high-top, bow-covered boots you remember. These new styles of UGGs are much more comforting and stylish. So much so I even find myself regretting that I limited the style of these comfy boots to begin with. 

The boots are super low cut and come in a variety of warm, natural colors. And of course, have the fuzzy fur that we all know and love. Do not worry, there is not a bow in sight.

With a vibe of the 1970s suede era (not to mention that Cher, the “Goddess of Pop” in the face of this new collection), they almost look like the dream slipper. The dream slipper is now trendy. I honestly wish I came up with the idea first.

Especially when you see every trendy girl on campus with a pair, UGG really knew what they were doing. 

Sadly, the specific style and color that seems to be all the rave right now are out of stock. But don’t worry, I too am on the waiting list. 

This reoccurrence of a trend, or more specifically, a boot, is just a reminder of how many fads fashion goes through. 

If someone told me that UGG boots would be coming back six months ago, I would’ve called them crazy, and I would have questioned their fashion sense. 

Sophomore at Saint Bonaventure University! #gobonas :)
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