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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

If you had seen my face while hearing Vienna by Billy Joel live this summer, you would be able to tell pretty quickly how much that song resonates with me (if you ask nicely, I would love to show you the photos I took). 

I’m sure you know the song, but essentially it brings up the idea of being young, ambitious and trying so hard to do it all that you eventually burn out. Its a cautionary tale. The songs asks us to remember that most things wait for us and will still be there in a day, month, year or decade- we don’t have to rush.

While every person can interpret the song differently, it always hits home for me as an acclaimed overachiever. 

Now, a lot of times, it manifests itself really positively. My parents are always proud of my grades, I get to know new people in all my clubs and teachers tend to like me. If you know me, you know I am everywhere on campus it seems. Right now, I am a bio tutor, Jandoli Women in Communications co-president, HC co-correspondent, Mt. Irenaeus comms intern, College Democrats officer, Mountain Community Leader, and I’m pretty sure a couple other things I’m forgetting (ie. me having a regular class load)!

Writing this brings up a lot of emotions. First, pride. I love being involved in a lot of things. I am often proud of my time management skills and revel in the diversity of my different groups. The people I meet are like family, and each group brings out a different wonderful niche I have. While I feel like making this list makes it sounds like I am bragging or just trying to boost my resume, but that is not the case. I truly do love each group and connection I get to make.

Sometimes, these positive emotions seem to take over. I’m so bliss at the time that I just keep adding more. I add another club. Another minor. Another resume builder, until I completely fall apart. Deadlines get missed, the tears are falling and I barely make it through finals week. 

This isn’t healthy.

 I love the clubs I’m in and I am obsessed with my degree and how personalized it is for me. However, pushing myself without self care has always been a vice. The internships and careers will still be waiting for me once I finish college. This isn’t my push to be lazy, but it is a suggestion to take a breath. It’s okay to have balance. It’s okay to admit that some weeks are really, really hard. It’s okay.

“You can afford to lose a day or two” 

Take your self care days. Prioritize what is really important. Join things that benefit your soul. Stay motivated, but remember your balance. Everything you want will be there when you’re ready. Its not a race.

Claire Fisher is the co-campus correspondent for the St. Bonaventure Her Campus chapter. She is responsible for the general managing of chapter and executive board logistics with her roommate and co-president, Leah! Claire even implemented a once-a-year print issue of HC at SBU. Claire is currently a senior studying Communication, Social Justice & Advocacy with focuses on theology and political science. Aside from Her Campus, Claire currently serves as co-president of Jandoli Women in Communication, passionate about representation in the media field, and works in the University Ministries building. Lastly, she is a content creator and the communications officer for St. Bonaventure College Democrats. In her time away from academics, Claire loves to walk on local trails or lay in the sun, especially while listening to playlist she made herself. Her love language is music; she even works as a DJ at a local bar! A fun fact you may not know about Claire is that her favorite game show is Press Your Luck.