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As we are approaching the last couple of weeks at St. Bonaventure University, until the fall, I have realized that I truly have found home in this place.

The thought of in a few short weeks realizing that my freshman year is ending is a scary thought. I have found such peace and happiness with the little life I get to live with my best friends on the daily basis. My biggest realization from this is I have entered the time period of life where your friends become your family. My friends I have found in this place have come to be one of the best parts of my life.

The one thing that people tell you before you go to college is that you are going to find “your people”. I never knew what this meant until I came to St. Bonaventure. I have always been an outgoing social person, but I was still terrified of the thought of not finding people who I want to surround myself with. Within the first two weeks, I found the people that I have the privilege of living everyday with. I can finally be the version of myself I have always wanted to be around these people. I have so much love for this group of human beings.

As the year has gone by these people have become the people I rely on. If I have a problem now instead of calling my parents, I will go to one of their rooms and talk to them about it. Don’t get me wrong I love my parents but these people know so much more about me than I think anyone has in my entire life. I always kept a majority of my life very personal to myself and seperate from my friends in the past, but this group of people knows me even better than myself.

These people are exactly the reason I do not want to leave St. Bonaventure. Of course we will see each other over the summer, and a majority of us are living together next year but, I will always have so much love for the freshman year that we got to experience together.

Next year will probably be even better, but this year will always have a place in my heart for the people that I have gotten to spend this entire year with.

P.S. Kayla, Kymora, and Kylie I love you all more than you will ever know :)

Hello I am Gabrielle Martin, Gabby for short. I am a freshman writer at St. Bonaventure University chapter of Her Campus. I plan on writing about different topics like breakups, dating, personal care, and relationships (the good ones and the challenging ones). Outside of Her Campus I am an Adolescent Education major with a history concentration. I am also a part of four other clubs on campus most that deal with the education part of my major where I take care of kids after school from the community. This is my first year on Her Campus and I cannot wait to embark on this journey of writing influential articles. I am from Caledonia, New York which is about 30 minutes outside of Rochester. In my free time I love to spend time with my friends going out to eat or going on walks. I love reality tv shows and I also love cheesy romantic comedies. My favorite food is bagels and I drink a coffee every single morning when I wake up. My main goal in life is to have an imprint on someones life or have an influence on the choices they make in life. I try to make the mistakes so others do not have to repeat my poor choices.