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Since being a college student, I have now changed my major three times and I am only a first semester sophomore. When first entering college, I thought I truly knew what I wanted to be and what major I was going to take and stick with until college graduation. I could not have been more wrong.

Not only did I change majors multiple times, but the majors I changed to were completely different from one another. I went from Veterinary Technology to Criminology and now to Cybersecurity.

In my first year at Medaille College in Buffalo NY, I majored in Veterinary Technology. This major involved a lot of science, chemistry, and work with animals. When I graduated from high school I was so excited and ready to go to college, get my veterinary technology degree, go to vet school, and become a vet.

Those desires changed quickly once my classes started and when I looked at the career path, I ended up not finding much interest, disliking it, and overall, not enjoying learning about any of it. This completely threw me for a loop and I started to panic because I had no idea what I should do.

Should I stick it out? Is this a feeling that will pass? Do I find a different major? All these questions filled my head and eventually after talking to people, I decided the best option for me was to switch majors AND colleges. So, I transferred to St. Bonaventure and changed my major to Criminology.

Not only did I not think the major I chose was suited for me, but I also did not feel like Medaille College was the place for me either. Once I changed my major when I came into sophomore year at St. Bonaventure, I was once again excited because I knew that I found the aspect of Criminology interesting and something that I thought I would have fun learning.

I was right about finding aspects of it interesting, but once I started reflecting on job options later on within the criminology field, I started having doubts. I could not find a career that I wanted to do within this field and once again I felt like I was back to the drawing board.

I felt rushed and pressed for time because I knew that I had to try and find something before Junior year, or I might have to spend more money for extra semesters of classes, which is something I did not want to do. Now in my first semester of sophomore year, I decided to try Cybersecurity and added Intro to Cybersecurity to my schedule. I did not have much hope for the class since I knew nothing about it and I threw it in there desperate to like it in some way.

So far, I am loving the class and loving all aspects of Cybersecurity. Just last month I decided to switch my major to Cybersecurity because I enjoy it, I like learning about it, and I can see myself with a successful career doing something in that field.

I am not particularly good at Cybersecurity right now though because I have never taken a course in it in my life, but I do not feel like I must be. It takes time to learn new things and I see a huge difference in my interest level when comparing it to how I felt learning about Veterinary Technology.

I am enjoying the major so far and I am excited to see what the future holds while I study Cybersecurity. It is okay to think that you will like something, but then completely change your mind later on.

My mom tells me that not even she knows what she wants to be when she grows up and maybe I will not either, but right now I am in a good place and am happy with my major. It is okay to switch majors a lot and try new things because this is the time to do it.

So far, the third time has been the charm for me.

Noella is a member of Her Campus Saint Bonaventure chapter. As a new member she looks forward to focusing on writing about health and fitness in a college student’s life, and how to navigate the world of college while engaging in a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. She also is interested in delving into writing about the experiences of a college transfer student and how to adjust to new college atmospheres, specifically at Saint Bonaventure. Noella is currently a second-year student studying Criminology and Cyber security. She transferred to Saint Bonaventure after her first semester of the first year from Medaille University where she studied Veterinary Technology. Aside from Her Campus, Noella has entered writing pieces for Scholarship awards, and has received the Journey Health System Scholarship for an essay she wrote. She is also an editor for The Laurel, a member of Criminology club, a volunteer for the SBU food pantry, and a member of Psychology club. In her free time, Noella enjoys playing basketball, videogaming, and going to the gym. She loves all things sports and has a passion for working out and staying active. She loves writing fiction stories in her free time and loves to read psychological fiction and mystery books. She also has a love for animals and grew up on a farm taking care of animals on a day-to-day basis.