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Ever since around 7th grade I have had this obsession with constantly having acrylic nails on. I remember it was May of 2018 and my mom finally allowed me to get acrylic nails after years of wanting them. The first set I got on was a white matte set with a silver glitter accent nail on my ring finger. Something about this made me feel adult-ish in a way. For the months after that I continued to get them in all different shades especially hot pink because that was my absolute favorite.

Then it came time for me to take them off because I played volleyball all throughout middle school and high school, and as most people know, acrylic nails and volleyball do not mix well together. I got them put back on in December, and it felt as if order was restored in my life. Whenever I have them on I feel as if I am more put together than I am without them. The part that always sucked though is that it was always expensive to get them put on so after this I had to take a pretty long break from them because 13-year-old Gabby did not have the money to afford a new set every month.

Finally when I got to around senior year of high school and had a job I was finally able to get a fresh set every month. It was such a transformational experience just to get a fill and a new color on my nails. I felt so refreshed after and it made me feel like no other. As I have gotten to college I have realized that I do not have the constant funds for this spectacular experience so I can only get them every once in a while.

What everyone I think underestimates is the power of a fresh set. There is such an attitude change of confidence with a hot set of nails on. This is something that I think everyone needs to experience because it can change everything. Whenever I have them on I feel unstoppable in a way that no matter what at least my nails are on point. This is something that has had so much power over me and is one of the best feelings in the world in my life. Highly recommend to anyone to get a fresh set if you are in need of a self care refresh.

Hello I am Gabrielle Martin, Gabby for short. I am a freshman writer at St. Bonaventure University chapter of Her Campus. I plan on writing about different topics like breakups, dating, personal care, and relationships (the good ones and the challenging ones). Outside of Her Campus I am an Adolescent Education major with a history concentration. I am also a part of four other clubs on campus most that deal with the education part of my major where I take care of kids after school from the community. This is my first year on Her Campus and I cannot wait to embark on this journey of writing influential articles. I am from Caledonia, New York which is about 30 minutes outside of Rochester. In my free time I love to spend time with my friends going out to eat or going on walks. I love reality tv shows and I also love cheesy romantic comedies. My favorite food is bagels and I drink a coffee every single morning when I wake up. My main goal in life is to have an imprint on someones life or have an influence on the choices they make in life. I try to make the mistakes so others do not have to repeat my poor choices.