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Every season has its own soundtrack. Since fall is my favorite season, I place particular importance on my fall playlist. Each year, I make a fall playlist on Spotify that subsequently becomes my personality for about three months. Whether driving through fall foliage, apple picking, or going on a walk, I am convinced that everyone needs an eclectic fall playlist. Below I have listed albums, artists, and songs that deserve a spot on your autumnal soundtrack. 

1.) “Sweater Weather” by the Neighbourhood 

This song is simply perfection for fall and needs no explanation. 

2.) Vampire weekend’s self-titled album

From songs like “Oxford Comma” to “Campus”, the band’s self-titled album has a unique collegiate vibe. It’s the perfect track to listen to as you walk over crunching leaves on campus. 

3.) Bon Iver, For emma, forever ago

For Emma, Forever Ago reminds me of a foggy November morning as frost covers window panes. It has a moody, autumnal feel. If you’re in a happy mood, I would not recommend this particular album. It feels heavy on the heart and soul. It is a beautiful collection of songs, though not as light and airy as some of my other recommendations. My favorite songs on the album are “Re: Stacks” and “Skinny Love”. 

4.) the cure, disintegration

If October was a music album, I’d imagine it would be The Cure’s Disintegration. The gothic 80’s alternative is a soulful sound. I have personal nostalgia attached to this album, as it is one of my dad’s favorites. 

5.) fleet foxes

I just recently discovered Fleet Foxes, per one of my professor’s recommendations. Their indie-folk style is calming and blissful. 

6.) vance joy

Ever since his hit “Riptide” came out in 2013, I have been hooked. Vance Joy’s voice is raw and real. It’s simple and captivating. Every year, his song “Like Gold” makes it to the top of my fall playlist. Among my other favorites of Joy’s are “Mess is Mine”, “First Time”, and “Straight into your Arms”. 

7.) Chris Stapleton

Soulful southern country music with a bluegrass-indie flair- that sounds like fall to me! Chris Stapleton’s rugged yet sweet voice is like a warm blanket in the chilly fall months. My favorite feeling in the entire world is driving through mountains with orange and yellow hues and Chris Stapleton’s voice fills my car. My favorite Stapleton songs for fall are “Tennessee Whiskey”, “Starting Over”, “You Should Probably Leave”, and “Broken Halos”. 

8.) girl in red

“we fell in love in october” is a must for every fall playlist. 

9.) taylor swift

We all know Taylor Swift, but do not normally associate her with fall. Look no further than the Evermore and Folklore albums, which provide a more intimate feel compared to Swift’s prior pop ballads. These two albums scream fall, warm scarves, and longing for love. 

10.) the lumineers

  1. The Lumineers 

I had the privilege of seeing The Lumineers live this past summer, and let me say, it was life-changing. Their music is lovely all year round, but I find particular comfort in listening to their soundtracks alongside pumpkin candles and autumn bonfires. My favorite fall picks from The Lumineers are “Donna”, “Life in the City”, and “Ophelia.” 

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