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That ’70s takes a twist: That ’90s Show review

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Media has been raving over the new hit Netflix series, a spinoff of a classic. That ’90s show has been filling my feed throughout various platforms. This series was released this past Thursday and contains about ten episodes in one season. From the day this show came out I have been planted in front of the television binging every second. 

That ’90s show is a spin-off of the hit That ’70s show. The show focuses on another friend group dynamic but instead of Eric’ son Kitty and Red being the main character this now highlights his daughter, Leia. The name of the daughter already introduces a little piece of the original cast as Eric’s main personality trait was being a Star Wars nerd. I honestly didn’t even make the connection until a few episodes in but once I made the connection it all made sense. 

Personally, I am a very big fan of the ’70s show fan, having had all seasons on DVD this was undeniably one of my biggest comfort shows. Finding out they were doing a spinoff had mixed emotions in my head. Obviously, I was greatly excited to see what way they would go about the new show but some parts of me had doubts. The original was just such a classic. How could you beat it?

Now in my opinion they definitely did not go above the original yet definitely made it worth the watch. As Leia chooses to spend her summers in point place with her grandparents Kitty and Red Forman she quickly begins to acquire a friend group which resembles the original cast greatly. As in the original we have the rebellious teen, a foreign exchange student, a couple and most importantly a Kelso. This group spends their time similar to their parents friend group even with their infamous circle scenes, the truly most iconic aspect of the show.

Now the all time best part of That ’90s Show is the screen time of original characters dispersed throughout the show. Eric and Donna appear in the first episode as they drop their daughter off for summer, Jackie and Kelso’s son now spends his time with Leia in the Forman’s basement and Fez is dating Kitty and Red’s neighbor. Seeing the original cast was majorly impacted how the audience received the show bringing in touches of familiarity. Side characters such as Bob and Leo also made a couple appearances. In conclusion if you are a fan of That ’70s Show, I highly recommend taking the time out of your day to bring some joy and memories of the original show.

Cassidy is a social media executive for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. She loves to use her creative outlet to advance her university's chapter. She has been writing for Her Campus for three years. Cassidy is a third-year student studying psychology with a minor in women's studies. Beyond Her Campus, she is involved in other extracurriculars such as L.I.F.T., Active Minds, and volunteering in the food pantry. She is the president of SBU for Equality. You may find her working in the admissions building as a student ambassador. She is an avid Pinterest user and will bring up how it is the best social media to exist. Her love for music keeps her going, nothing Taylor Swift can't help her with.