Spring Weekend

All of us Bona students know how big of a deal spring weekend is. There are so many teams that play drunk kickball, trying to move on to the next round. Many people have no clue what Spring Weekend is, so I’ll share a little bit here. For this article I’ve interviewed one of my friends about their thoughts on spring weekend, and tips for how to get through this greatly anticipated weekend.

Q1: How many times have you participated in Spring Weekend? A1: Once, I am a sophomore this year, so I am very excited to have another Spring Weekend under my belt.

Q2: How excited are you for Spring Weekend this year? A2: Very, very excited. One because I love kickball, and how social the whole weekend is, two because I get to get drunk with all of my friends and three because everyone has such a great time, you get to meet new people, and have a little friendly competition.

Q3: What is your favorite part about Spring Weekend? A3: My favorite part would have to honestly be the pregame, because everyone is excited to go out and play. Also, just spending that quality time. If the [kickball] game starts at 10 a.m., everyone is up and tired, ready to start drinking as a team.

Q4:What tip would you give to a person that has never experienced Spring Weekend?                                                                                                              A4: Don’t stress out too much about the teams, because at the end of the day, everyone is drunk and having fun, so all of the stress doesn’t matter in the long-run.

Q5: How do you come up with team names? A5: It’s definitely a collaboration of everyone trying to think of the funniest name, we also try to include some sort of alcohol to make it a pun. Overall, I’d say the funnier the better, though.