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Even though my local weather isn’t reflecting it, spring is in the air. I guess that means it’s time for spring cleaning. We adore the phrase “spring cleaning”. Growing up, it meant opening up all of the windows, listening to music and doing a deep clean of our house as the birds chirped outside. It meant doing yardwork and prepping for the summer that lay ahead. As I have grown up, I have interpreted spring cleaning to mean more than merely cleaning our homes, offices and cars. Spring is a time for renewal in all aspects of our lives. I am taking this spring to “clean” and freshen up several aspects of my life.

my fridge & body

I am taking this spring to be mindful of what I am consuming. I am working to scale back on the foods and beverages that I put into my fridge and body that do not make me feel my best self. No major changes or diets, just simply cleaning out what doesn’t work for me and my body. For instance, I am trying to slowly reduce my dairy consumption because I think it triggers my acne. Instead of getting milk or creamer in my coffee, I’ll opt for almond milk if possible. Small swaps can change everything.

my playlists

I currently have over 100 playlists made on Spotify. One of my hobbies is making Spotify playlists, especially for niche occasions that may or may not actually happen. This spring, I plan to clean out my queue and free up space for the new music and playlists that speak to me.

Negative energy

This spring, let’s cut out negative energy. Whether it’s coming from people, places or situations, remove yourself. Nothing and nobody is worth compromising your peace.

my wardrobe

My 8th grade volleyball uniform? Old leggings from high school? Not needed anymore. As my body and style change, so does my closet. This is good, but I can do without the clothes I haven’t worn in years.

the infamous camera roll

I have 9,000 photos on my phone. Yikes. Time to clean that out, along with the old photos, memories and screenshots that serve me no purpose. I am making more room in my camera roll for new photos of love, laughter and travel.


We’re taking our vacuums and dusters to this one. We can do anything we dream of, and so much more. Whether it’s waking up early to hit the gym or dreaming of post-grad plans, we were created to live and enjoy these moments of purpose. We are kicking self-doubt to the curb, it does not add anything to our life.

old makeup

I’m not a hoarder, but yeah, my eyeshadow from high school homecoming can be tossed this spring. My newfound addiction to makeup, especially lip products, has forced me to assess what I truly need. I promised myself for every new product I buy, I must finish or toss two others.

what could have been

We are clearing out “what could have been” from our minds during this spring cleaning. I often struggle with reflecting on past experiences with rose-colored glasses and romanticizing people and situations that did not deserve my love. My biggest lesson lately is taking people, places and situations at face value rather than building them up to be something they are not. Instead of ruminating on that former friendship, relationship or career decision, deliberately choose to plant your attention in the present.

Katie is a social media executive for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. Her experience with social media, advertising, and writing allow her to combine her passions and advance her university's chapter of HC. She has been a part of Her Campus since freshman year. It has been her favorite on-campus extracurricular to become involved with. Katie is a second-year student studying Strategic Communication and Marketing. She finds joy in being involved on campus through various organizations including Her Campus, Jandoli Women in Communication, and College Democrats. She is Vice President of SBU's Freshman Leadership Program. She is also a full-time student ambassador who enthusiastically leads tours for prospective students. (Request her as your tour guide!) In her free time, you can find Katie reading, hiking, and laughing with her friends. She loves spending time outdoors, especially in the fall. Her guilty pleasures are copious amounts of (iced) coffee and country music. Some of her favorite artists include Chris Stapleton, Fleetwood Mac, and Luke Combs. Katie will eagerly engage in any conversation about her beloved hometown, Buffalo, New York. She will likely attempt to convert you to become a Buffalo Bills fan, and could talk about Josh Allen for hours. Post-grad, Katie hopes to be using her creative talents towards a fulfilling career in the world of advertising.