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Social Media Award Goes to Jubilee Media

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

This work previously appeared by Alicia Maxwell in Alicia’s Mystery Blog on Sept. 14, 2022

I am not really big when it comes to social media, especially with uploading any posts of my own. However, I do like to watch videos and threads made by others such as Vogue, Pink News, Brut.docs, Run Down, and Truth or Dare. My favorite, however, has to be videos by Jubilee. 

Here is a little background info: Jubilee is this big media company that has multiple videos focusing on different subjects, usually posted on YouTube, Snapchat, and other platforms. Each subject of their video goes by a different name, so they have videos called “Odd Man Out,” which is just about seven or so people who share something in common and there is one person who is a pretender. My favorite video is called “Middle Ground.” There are two versions, but the one I watch frequently is with two groups that are put into one room where they have to sit in a chair if they agree with the statement. Jubilee essentially works to connect people from different backgrounds like political, racial, cultural as well as backgrounds of class, sexuality, and religion. Jubilee sits these different people together to not debate but discuss their perspectives along with helping them build a unique understanding of one another. 

Jubilee has a team of innovators, but it was founded by Jason Y. Lee, who came up with the company after shooting a video in New York City to raise money for charity. That’s when he started a team and continued to make videos “to create a movement of empathy for human good”. Their videos have gained them over seven million subscribers on YouTube, 1.5 million followers on TikTok, and 244k on Snapchat “Middle Ground” videos alone. 

While Jubilee has content on Snapchat and TikTok, I often watch their videos on YouTube. When you take a look at their website, they note how the world is “divided, chaotic, and cluttered.” They aren’t wrong; we live in a world that isn’t just divided based on political perspectives, but on religious views, human and animal rights, what’s reality and what’s a conspiracy. There is a lot going on in the world and Jubilee tackles those world issues by taking the most common questions and beliefs and then creating them into a statement to which the volunteers will share their perspectives. For example, during the decision process of Roe v. Wade, Jubilee posted a video with both pro-lifers and pro-choice. I love the video because it really did a great job in connecting to audiences of Roe v. Wade. Statements like, “I have children,” is simple, but it sparked a great conversation that audiences have been wondering about. 

Jubilees videos, in general, cover important subjects that have plagued America which is major because videos like these being posted it allows the audience to see a different perspective than their own. Even if they still don’t agree with the opposing side, at least they were able to sit down and really get a better understanding. Nobody really wants to listen, only talk, it is equally as interesting how Jubilee is able to gather such people to be honest with each other and the viewers. 

What I love most is they don’t insert themselves into the discussion. They allow the volunteers to talk and listen to each other without Jubilee interfering with commentary. It’s just this big empty room with a small group of people with different views who are willing to listen and talk to each other. 

One thing to note, is Jubilee’s videos don’t only target primary audiences who share the same similarities as the volunteers, but it also opens the floor to anyone who is curious or has friends, family, or coworkers who think or identify as those in the videos and they watch to get a better understanding even if they aren’t a part of the conversation. 

Jubilee video of Pro-Choice and Pro-Lifers having a conversation

I have loved Jubilee for years and I will continue to love them. They spare no time in linking opposing perspectives and trying to help the public understand one another. While there have been questionable videos, they do hold true to their values and commitments in trying to connect people on a deeper level. I definitely know there have been a few videos that educated me and changed my perspective. 

As I have mentioned the setting in which some of the videos take place, I truly feel the way the videos are captured adds to the effect of the conversation. In the “Middle Ground” videos, the lighting has set the mood, on top of that seats are placed in a circle. Everything about the setting makes it very calming and soothing. The setting helps create a vibe of we are here to share and connect, not argue and disrespect. For the audience like myself, I feel like I can trust what I hear in terms of being able to just understand what’s happening and how one feels when listening to the statements and sharing. 

The tone of voice and the words in which the speaker says the statements also sets the mood for a calm conversation. The prompts are serious statements, but not written in a way the audience and volunteers would feel attacked for their beliefs. The tone is very neutral which helps in listening to the statement so we won’t question the speaker about their views. If it had emotion, like anger or annoyance one can definitely hop in and assume bias just by the tone. 

With that said, I highly recommend you take a look at the Jubilee videos. I guarantee you will find at least one video you might learn from or feel connected to.

Here is a link to Jubilee website, I recommend taking a look: https://www.jubileemedia.com/vision

Hello, sunflower! Alicia Maxwell, meaning noble which she tries to live up to! Currently is a senior writer for the Her Campus SBU Chapter, soon to graduate with her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Being an English Lit, she loves to explore and write a range of topics. She doesn’t believe one should limit their skills or knowledge. However, her favored topics are investigative work (i.e., handling our insecurities and housing crisis). Alongside writing for Her Campus, she recently interned abroad in Ireland for STELLARS magazine. For her, it was an experience and an eye-opener. She had the chance to explore a different side of writing (culturally as well). The one article that stuck with Alicia the most was “Eight Gorgeous Irish Markets To Visit This Summer.” Alicia loves markets! Having the chance to explore a few in another country was a dream come true. Before that year, Alicia also served on the college newspaper as a feature writer. The BonaVenture (what a creative name), published articles she conducted on the campus community. Her favorite piece has to be “Campus Community Reacts To The Death Of Tyre Nichols.” It was also her very first article written for the newspaper. Last, but never not least, she had interned for her college archives performing research on a past Bonna Student, Roi Ottley. Her work was combined onto the college archive's website to update what information they had on him. Aside from her work as a writer and student, she enjoys taking walks with her head in the clouds seeing the world from another perspective. She also loves browsing Netflix, critiquing and analyzing the artwork.