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I’ll admit that during the school year, I don’t spend a lot of time watching tv shows. It gets too hard trying to keep up with school work, actual work, a social life and the fictional life of characters. However, this past year there have been three shows that are SO GOOD but also somehow SO INFURIATING at the same time. Of course, I love them all.

Also, I apologize but there will be spoilers!

1. Cable Girls

I’m a big fan of Las Chicas Del Cable, or better yet known as Cable Girls. Cable Girls is a drama that comes from Spain. It’s set in the late 1920s and it’s about these four women who form a friendship after working at the same telephone company. The show delves into their pasts, their secrets and the problems they all have in their lives. What makes the show so unbelievably frustrating is one character. Dona Carmen de Cifuentes. She is the most hated woman on the entire show. She’s definitely the villain. Carmen irritates my soul like no other character ever has. She is so small, so quiet and so old and yet everyone acts like they are so scared of her. Everyone lets her manipulate them. She is capable of murder, kidnapping, stealing and all sorts of heinous things. She does horrible things to her family! But, I’m on season four now, and she’s still there! It’s absolutely baffling. Sometimes I can only watch one episode in a show because I get so fed up with her. Of course, I as the viewer can see all the bad things she’s doing but the other characters can’t. It makes me want to reach in through the tv so I can actually talk to them.

2. Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia is one of my favorite shows from this year. It took me and my cousin almost two weeks to finish watching it though. This hit Netflix show is about Ginny, a teenager and her mom Georgia. They are two complete opposites of each other. Ginny is trying to find herself in life. She’s trying new things and making friends. She’s learning from mistakes and taking accountability for her actions. Ginny is quiet with a lot of anxiety. Georgia is my favorite character. I absolutely love her. Georgia is a loud and proud type of woman. She has worked hard to get to where she is in life. She has deadly secrets that she tries to keep buried but the past starts catching up to her. There is nothing that Georgia would not do for her children. That’s where her and Ginny butt heads. Ginny wants her to stop hiding her past and to stop lying to her but Georgia has her own reasons for doing so. This is not Gilmore Girls folks. The show can get pretty dark. What frustrated me the most was Ginny, of course. She would act like she had no common sense and try to be in grown adult’s business a little bit too much for my liking. Or maybe I just don’t like moody teenagers.

3. ReMarriage & Desire

I watched Remarriage & Desire way back in late July and early August of 2022. To this day I still think about it! It was that good. This is Korean drama about a divorcee that tries to get revenge on her ex-husband’s mistress. The women that act in this show are phenomenal. To me, that makes women pretty amazing. It’s so interesting to see the lengths that women will go to when they want something. Even as far as murder. I don’t have as much to say about the show anymore because it’s no longer fresh in my mind. But! Just know that the mistress will have you so upset that you’re ready to throw something.

All of these wonderful shows can be found on Netflix!

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