The Secret Power of Crystals

Have you ever heard someone talking about how crystals can energize and heal you and you just thought to yourself “they’re crazy”? Well… surprise, the truth is they are not insane, they know something most people don’t. There is a science behind these fancy crystals and a reason people hold them near and dear to their hearts. In your body there are many chakras, spiritual energy centers. There are seven of these along your spine, these chakras are named the root, sacral, solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown. Each chakra is tied to physical and emotional issues in your body and mind. Your chakras can become unbalanced and disrupt the energy that flows through your body. Bringing awareness to opening these spirit centers can do wonders and bring your body to its full energy potential. Different crystals have the ability to cleanse different energy centers, or chakras.

The energy areas start from the top of your body and travel down, starting at the top of your head with the crown, then the third eye between the eyebrows, followed by the throat, heart, the solar plexus, sacral center, ending with the root. These are all involved in a cleansing pattern. If one feels a lack of purpose or belonging, this could mean their crown chakra is unbalanced. Crystals that are known to align the crown are quartz, amethyst, moonstone and selenite.

The third eye goes hand-in-hand with creativity and thinking up ideas that are outside of the box. To cleanse the third eye indigo stones, work best with crystals of lapis, lazuli, fluorite, as well as sodalite.

Your throat chakra is connected to your means to connect with others, equally important, with yourself. This energy responds to angelite, sodalite, and aquamarine.

Your heart is a big component of the energy allowed in your body, as it is a center that feeds your soul energy. When opened it allows spiritual transformation and growth; rose quartz and aventurine can help in this process.

The solar plexus is tied to bravery. Yellow crystals can send energy to this chakra that stimulates empowerment.

The sacral chakra is responsible for joy and flexibility of life, when this is blocked, life can seem stagnant. Orange stones with crystals like tiger’s eye, carnelian and calcite can renew the flow of passion and zest for things that are true to your highest self.

Lastly, the root chakra is tied to your footing of life, better known as your balance. Hematite, black onyx, and smoky quartz have the power to ground you back to what is important to you.

Some people take crystal cleansing very seriously and may even go to see an expert on the topic, because yes, there are experts in this field. However, some people do their own cleansing in different ways and use crystals as a peace of mind, trusting in their unspoken energy waves. To find more about what crystals can balance the chakras that may need attention for you, visit Believe it or not, there is a type of scientific explanation behind all of this. When it comes down to it is about what crystals are made of. Crystals are very ordered in their structure, and their strong electromagnetic field evidently has a strong effect on your body’s own electromagnetic field.