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Sarah Gebhardt’s Basketball Tournament Journey

Her Campus: “Give a brief biography of who you are, where you live, age and your major.”


Sarah Gebhardt: “My name is Sarah Gebhardt. I am from Fairport, NY. I am 21 years old and a senior at St. Bonaventure. I am majoring in strategic communications & digital media and minoring in marketing.”


HC: “What makes this tournament one to attend?”

SG: “I attend the tournament because I love supporting this school and there is no better way to do it than be right there with the team and only hope that my cheering makes a difference!”


HC: “Have you ever been to this many out-of-state games before to support the Bonnies?”

SG: “No, not before this year. I always go to the games in-state that I can make, especially at the Reilly Center!”


HC: “Where was your favorite place to watch the game?”

SG: “I enjoyed watching the game in Dayton because it was out-of-state and felt like a home game.”


HC: “Do you drive or fly to the tournament games?”

SG: “I drove to DC and Dayton but flew to Texas.”


HC: “Who do you go to the tournament with?”

SG: “I like going to the tournament with my friends. But, my parents are both big fans, so it is always fun to attend games with them.”


HC: “What did you do for fun before/after the game started/ended in each state?”

SG: “Before the game I usually hangout in the hotel that I am staying at. But after, the alumni usually pick a bar and I enjoy hanging with them there.”


HC: “Which state was your favorite for after the game?”

SG: “I liked going to the alumni bar after the game in Dayton because everyone was so excited about the March Madness win.”


HC: “Do you enjoy traveling to support the team?”

SG: “I love going to the games and traveling with my friends makes it even more fun.”


HC: “Have you ever seen so many great games before while attending Bonaventure?”

SG: “I haven’t seen a great season like this since I’ve been a student. I like going to the games but it’s even better when we win.”


HC: “How important is it to you and your friends that you attend all the games in the tournament?”


SG: “It’s important to me that I attend the games because we might not see another great season like this again.”

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