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Rock the Red this Halloween

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

Growing up, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. I love the scary and creepy vibes associated with the season and all the candy I received, but most of all, I loved dressing up. Halloween allows children and adults to dress up as whatever they want. You can be as basic or as unique as your heart desires. Although I had a lot of fun dressing up, I always felt like I was missing out compared to my friends. My blonde friends could be Hannah Montana or Cinderella and my brunette friends could be Wonder Woman or Belle, but it felt like my options were pretty limited. There weren’t many girls with red hair in movies and television when I was younger. There were the basics like the Little Mermaid and Pebbles from the Flintstone, (I was both as a kid) but after a while, you run out of options. Here are a couple of Halloween costumes you could consider this year if you have red hair, or even if you don’t.

Kim Possible

This one is super easy and I was able to do it in high school with clothes I already had. All you really need are green pants, a black crop top, and combat boots. You can also wear gloves and a bulky brown belt to make your costume as accurate to the show as possible. This is a character everyone will be able to easily recognize and know who you are. This costume has also been popular recently with the release of the live-action film that came out in 2019. 


Daphne works as an individual costume, a friends’ costume, a couples’ costume, or a group costume. This one is great if you have a lot of friends that want to do a group costume or by yourself. You could also do it with one friend and pick pretty much any other member of the gang. All you need is a purple dress, a headband and a green scarf. 

Scarlet Witch

With this one, you get many different options. You could be the most recent Scarlet Witch, but this would is you probably have to buy a real costume. There are many different ones available on Amazon but they are a little expensive so if you are a broke college student like me I would consider a different costume. Another choice for this costume would be Wanda’s Halloween costume in WandaVision. All you would need for this is pink tights, a red leotard and a red cape. You could also get a headpiece similar to the one she wears in the show, but it is definitely not necessary. You could also be Wanda in any of the Avengers movies she is in.

Strawberry Shortcake

This is what I am being this year for Halloween and it is super easy. All you need are jeans and a striped shirt and I purchased a white bucket hat and put strawberry stickers onto it. The costume was super simple and very cheap.

Delaney Chase is the co-campus correspondent for the St. Bonaventure University Her Campus chapter. She works with the other campus correspondent and various board members to communicate with the rest of the Her Campus community as well as edit articles and lead weekly meetings. Delaney is a junior and is currently studying journalism and political science. She also is a writer for TAP into Greater Olean, an online news platform in the St. Bonaventure area, as well as a captain of the St. Bonaventure Women's Club Basketball team and Vice President of SBU for Equality. She enjoys hearing and sharing experiences with those of similar interests and enjoys being involved in different activities across the SBU campus. She finds this a great way to gain connections with those at her university and in nearby areas. She is enjoys the ability to gain experience and further her knowledge of the communications field. Outside of her time in school, Delaney loves listening to Taylor Swift and will take absolutely any opportunity to bring her up in conversation. She can often be found at the campus Starbucks with her friends ordering a pumpkin spice latte or brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso. She enjoys reading classic novels but also loves watching the trashiest reality TV shows.