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Review of Sweet Chef’s Carrot-Ginger Blemish Patches

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When trying the Sweet Chef carrot ginger rescue blemish patches, I was somewhat skeptical. Not that the carrot, ginger, and the rescue aspects of the patches were not intriguing, but I have had a rough go with skincare products.

From when I was around 14-years-old, I have been on acne medicine. In the pill form and in the topical cream form. On top of this high dose of medicine, I also believe that I have the most sensitive skin in the world. That might have been an exaggeration, but the burns from these creams left my skin red and peeling. The medicine most of the time did not succeed in getting rid of my acne, but it did succeed in giving me hot flashes and losing my appetite. Even before the acne medicines were in the picture, if I so much as tried a fun sheet mask or new face wash, my skin would break out and be incredibly itchy.

So, if you can relate to my experience with skincare products, you can imagine how skeptical I was of trying anything that was not a part of the skincare routine that I have been practicing for three years now.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Sweet Chef, you really outdid yourself with these patches.

I did my usual skincare routine which as you can imagine is very minimal, especially since recovering from the harm acne medicines have caused my skin. I started out by using micellar water and a reusable makeup wipe, which is actually much softer than cotton disposable wipes, and took off my makeup. I then use the Cera Ve facial cleanser soap to get off any residue that the reusable wipe did not get. Then I put on my Cera Ve moisturizer. I let that sink in. Before bed, I apply some witch-hazel and chapstick.

When I used the blemish patches, I put one of them on a set of two upcoming pimples that I wanted to be gone by the morning. I put the patch on after the witch-hazel because it might have fallen off if it was put on after moisturizing. And yes, you read that right. The patch covered two pimples. These patches are not any ordinary small, circular spot coverage. They are a larger rectangle that could cover a whole breakout if you would like. The patch is also transparent, so if you would like, you could wear it out and no one would notice. Definitely more bang for your buck.

I slept with the patch on, and in the morning my pimples had significantly decreased in size and pain. I felt more confident about this breakout that I had been having, so much so, that I did not even wear makeup to conceal it.

I hope that this review is helpful to those of you who have sensitive skin like mine. I strongly encourage those who are worried about their sensitive skin to try these patches, and other Sweet Chef products for themselves, knowing how it went for me.

Thanks, Sweet Chef!

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