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POV; Victoria Secret.. but now we’re older

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Victoria’s Secret, we know her, we love her …. but do we really? A lot of us, well at least me and my friends, were roped into buying Victoria’s Secret hoping to fit in with the popular girls. The sparkles and bright colors drew us all in and I haven’t felt pushed away until now. You have most likely heard about the issues when it comes to diversity, inclusivity and so on when it comes to this company. Taking a step back at those issues and looking at their products allows us to wonder how they even got popular. 

We were all aware of these outrageous prices, I mean fifty dollars for a singular sweater that, let’s be honest, will be worn down in a fews anyways. But you know we all did what we felt needed to be done in order to fit in which sometimes is the equivalent of buying a sweater. Besides the ridiculous prices this company displays and the controversy it has been placed in, please listen to my rant about the individual products that seem to disappoint me more and more every year. 

Starting off with their clothing, let’s just completely ignore the price tags and look at these items themselves. Now they have a variety of options from tshirts, crewnecks, v-necks to hoodies, I have personally owned at least one of each of these within my life. Somehow every time I purchased an item the sizing was incorrect and was mainly available for sizes small to large. Now I understand that some companies run big and others run small but no matter which way I fluctuated size-wise the ideal fit was never found, making it something you would not want to spend that much money on. My other issue when it comes to their clothes is they feel the need to brand everything with a huge logo…it’s 2022 style isn’t wearing a shirt with the huge word pink on it anymore. 

Now to branch off into the underwear which they sell. This is another item where I was genuinely shocked over the prices. Don’t get me wrong I loved a good 10 for 30 sale just as much as any other girl but 30 dollars is too much to ask for when it comes to products that aren’t fulfilling for consumers. First off these products are also not made for a wide variety of body types and sizes which is exactly what you need when selling a product. Recently I read in an article that women should be wearing cotton underwear to promote better vaginal health. Victoria’s Secret is doing the complete opposite. Recently there were hormone-disrupting phthalates, yeah that doesn’t sound all too great. On top of the genuine discomfort, the underwear can cause lace rashes, no show falling right off your body and hipsters cutting off your circulation. There is no win here. 

Last but not least the bras. Now when girls start wearing bras and are already exposed to the “popularity” of pink that is obviously where you wanna shop. You walk in and need a bra size so you get a fitting like any other bra place but at Victoria Secrect when you hear that number you are in shock. Why may you ask? Because they in fact enhanced your bra size and made their products appear as larger sizes. This was a marketing trick that allows consumers to believe that their boobs are larger than normal, I mean whatever if you wanna make people think that go ahead but when it comes to consumers having bra shops at a different location is where we see a lot of issues of misfits and improper sizing. Now if we’re talking about the product in general I also have some issues like when you wash them. New bra , supposed to last a while am I right? Nope. Not from Victoria’s Secret one wash and your bra cup is curved out making the bra uncomfy and appear too big.

Overall I see a lot of problems, so let’s not support a widely problematic company with shitty products instead shop smart and sustainable :)

Hi! I'm Cassidy a freshman psych major at St. Bonaventure. I love to journal , hang with friends and spend time with my dog!
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