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Party Smart, Party Hard

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

It’s officially that time of year: back to school. This time of the year is not that exciting for a lot of people, but as I moved to college I quickly learned how that attitude shifted. I’m surrounded by people who genuinely love the college atmosphere and dread the days we have to leave, as much as they count down the days till we’re back. 

It’s an exciting time, especially for college students. I mean moving back in with your friends, clubs/sports starting back up and what everyone associates college with the most…the parties. Parties are fun and all and, trust me.

Now, I am not the one to tell you not to go and party, but I am going to be the one who lets you know how to stay safe. Unfortunately, the beginning of the school year is when most incidents occur related to drinking and going out. Over this past weekend, I’ve heard multiple stories that caught my attention and drew me in to shine a light on this topic. 

Party safety is constantly taught to us, but whether individuals choose to partake in those precautions can make a situation turn from a good memory into a bad one real quick. 

Let’s start with the basics, which I mean the very basic. Before you go out make sure you are eating a good meal. No, not that bagel you ate from the dining hall in the morning before your first class, a real meal. It’s important that you eat a good-sized meal before going on. It will help you handle your alcohol better and give you a better chance you won’t end up with your head in the toilet. 

Next thing i’m gonna get into the buddy system. This is something we have heard since kindergarten but, I’ve never realized the importance of this until I’ve stepped into the party scene. Being at college I’ve seen way too many intoxicated people get left behind at parties, putting themselves in dangerous situations due to not choosing the right people to go out with. When going out, always make sure to be with a group of people who you trust, not those people who just look like they are gonna have a good time. The people you choose to put yourself in those situations with should be someone you trust incase the worst scenario happens. And last but not least, never ever ever leave a friend behind no matter how much they may argue about it.

Last point I’m going to make when it comes to party safety is never leave your drink unintended or accept drinks from others. Leaving your drink unintended is a common thing we hear, but it’s not always the first thing on our mind when Mr. Brightside comes along or the bathroom finally opens. This is so important because even leaving people with your cup you think you may trust can sometimes be for the worst. Keeping your drink in your own possession can prevent any laced substances and keep you as an individual safe. Recently over social media I’ve seen companies promote a product that looks like a scrunchie but turns into a drink protection cover, and honestly, it’s such a smart investment. 

I could go on and on about party safety, but I’m gonna keep it short. When putting yourself into these social settings always remember to make sure your safety is a priority, and you are taking the steps to promote a safe party atmosphere. 

Cassidy is a social media executive for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. She loves to use her creative outlet to advance her university's chapter. She has been writing for Her Campus for three years. Cassidy is a third-year student studying psychology with a minor in women's studies. Beyond Her Campus, she is involved in other extracurriculars such as L.I.F.T., Active Minds, and volunteering in the food pantry. She is the president of SBU for Equality. You may find her working in the admissions building as a student ambassador. She is an avid Pinterest user and will bring up how it is the best social media to exist. Her love for music keeps her going, nothing Taylor Swift can't help her with.