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Kayla Bacon-Surfing Summer In Water
Kayla Bacon-Surfing Summer In Water
Kayla Bacon / Her Campus
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

After an exciting summer in Italy last year, I knew I had to do something this summer that would keep me just as entertained.

This summer I have the privilege to write for The Lake Placid News. I will be interning in their newsroom for six weeks. I am so excited for this opportunity and to gain valuable experience.

Writing for a newspaper in a new community is a little intimidating. I have been covering events in my college community and the surrounding areas for two years now. It has become comfortable and familiar to me.

I’m both eager and nervous to work in a community I know relatively nothing about for the whole summer. Learning about the local customs and covering annual events are things I am looking forward to. Navigating a real newsroom and working with new colleagues are some things I am a little nervous for, but I’m sure I will quickly work it out.

As for my living situation, I will be living with three other people interning at different places. I have yet to meet these people and I won’t meet them until I get there. I’m sure they will all be great people, but as my living situation from last summer traumatized me a bit, I think I am entitled to some nerves about the situation.

Another exciting thing but also nerve-racking thing about this summer is that I have to get a car. And before I do that, I have to get my license. Yes, ok, I’ll admit I don’t have my license, but it hasn’t been that big of an issue until now so let’s just let it go. So on top of paying for living, I have to buy a car and pay for gas all summer.

I also have to pay for my food all summer as well. And I don’t have a real kitchen so I can imagine I’ll be eating out A LOT.

Now I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for this opportunity, I am really excited and happy I got this offer. But there are a few things I am worried about before going into it. I’m sure once I actually start interning (and getting paid) a lot of these worries will begin to fall away. Looking at it all at once though, looking at how much everything is going to cost, I have begun to panic a little.

So, at the risk of putting too much pressure on myself to have an amazing summer, I really hope the experience I gain will all be worth it in the end. This is my last summer before graduation, and I wanted to do something fun that would also advance my career. When I return in the fall, I will for sure update with the tales and anecdotes of my summer.

Delainey Muscato is a junior journalism major with philosophy and sociology minors. This year she is excited to be the brand deal manager, assistant events planner, and senior editor for the SBU chapter of Her Campus. In her weekly article for Her Campus, she usually writes about her personal experiences at college, as an intern, or just in life. Delainey is excited for her second year as a member of Her Campus and can’t wait to help new members be just as engaged in the club as her. Outside of Her Campus, Delainey is a very active journalist. She writes for a newspaper in Ellicottville, The Villager. These articles typically detail local events or highlight people in the area. She also just began writing for Tap into Greater Olean. This news site covers stories directly rooted in the Olean and Allegany area. This summer, Delainey spent five weeks studying abroad is Sorrento, Italy. In her free time, Delainey loves to spend time with her friends and family. She spends a lot of time reading on her porch at home. Delainey also loves to take her dog Nella on walks. Her favorite TV shows are The Office and Friends. Her favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She also loves music and spends a lot of time discovering new music and perfecting her playlists. www.linkedin.com/in/delainey-muscato-b10134282