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Warning: Spoilers for Queen Charlotte a Bridgerton story follow. If you have not seen it I suggest that you make haste and do so.

It has been a while since the new Bridgerton Spinoff came out and of course, I binged all six episodes within the first few days. When the first season of Bridgerton came out I was obsessed. I read my first Jane Austen novel around that time so I was hardcore romanticizing the thought of being a 19th-century English debutante.

By the time season two came out, I was over that phase so I was not as interested (although I still binged every episode). After watching this spinoff I am back in. Here are all of the reasons why this might just be my favorite Bridgerton season yet.

The timeline

I love how the show goes back and forth in time. You are able to see the progression of Charlotte into the strong and defensive queen that she is in the present timeline. At 17, she was forced into leaving her home country, becoming the Queen of England, and marrying a man she does not know. Not to mention being left in solitude during her honeymoon because George was battling mental health issues he wanted to protect her from.

I also enjoyed seeing Lady Danbury’s character evolve. It allowed viewers to empathize with the trauma she endured from her husband and the uncertainty she faced after he died. I liked watching Agatha and Violet’s friendship evolve in the present time. Their friendship is a breath of fresh air in a society that communicates so passive-aggressively. I now understand the reason for Agatha’s wisdom and advice from her past.

The Music

The Bridgerton series prides itself on classical covers of current music. At first, I wasn’t a fan of this but as I continued watching I realized how magical it was to be transported into the sparkling world of the Regency period with contemporary music being the conduit.

In the spinoff, it was especially cool because all of the songs are by Black women. There are songs by Beyoncé, SZA, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Keys. To celebrate the power and the strength of black women, which was embodied in the show, Alicia Keys re-recorded a new version of “If I Ain’t Got You” with a 70-piece women of color orchestra. The whole video gave me chills.

The Romance

How could I review Bridgerton without talking about the love story? The previous seasons dealt with the “let’s pretend we’re dating and then fall in love” trope and the classic love triangle. This season’s love story felt more organic to me.

The story between Charlotte and George might be my favorite thus far. The reason I watched the show in the first place was that I saw the preview of the scene where she is trying to jump over the wall to avoid marrying him. Instead of being boastful and proud George presents himself as “just George” instead of the King of the most powerful monarch.

I like that it wasn’t a fairytale right away and that she slowly but surely gained his trust and they were able to be themselves with each other despite his mental health issues.

I am also here for the side romances. I was rooting so hard for Agatha and Lord Ledger (who turns out to be Violet Bridgerton’s father!!). I also feel like in a different world Charlotte’s brother and Agatha could have been really cute together.

And of course the clandestine relationship between Brimsley and Reynolds. Having to stand beside the king and the queen 24/7, it wasn’t possible for them to spend time with anyone else. They felt safe with each other even though they ran the risk of getting caught. I want to know what happened to Reynolds. It was so sad to see Brimsley dancing outside like he and Reynolds did together many years before.

This spinoff made me realize how many potential storylines the Bridgerton series has. I can’t wait for season three!

Kim Mitchell is a member of the SBU Her Campus chapter. This is her second year writing for the site. Kim covers advice and experience pertaining to college life and emotional well-being. She also covers popular media such as trending telivision shows and books. Kim is currently a senior at St.Bonaventure University. She is pursuing a bachelor of arts in psychology and a spanish minor with aspirations to attain a masters in clinical mental health counseling. When she is not writing you can find Kim singing in her church's worship band, outside enjoying nature, or curled up with a good book. She is always down to challenge you in a game of Mario Kart, knowing full well she will probably be in last place.