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School’s out!

I cannot wait for all the free time and nice weather to do all the things that I have planned. Here are just a few:


Currently, I have 6 concerts on the agenda. I have two Hozier concerts, back to back at the end of May. Then, the Taste of Country is towards the end of June and right after, A Boogie wit Da Hoodie rescheduled a concert for the week after. My friend Jessie and I have tickets for Faye Webster in July. Finally, my dad and I are going to see The Flaming Lips a week later.


I am so incredibly lucky to be going on a couple of trips this summer break. My dad and stepmom are taking me and my sister to the Indianapolis 500 at the end of May. My boyfriend and I are taking a short, little vacation to Toronto for his 21st birthday and our 3rd anniversary. Then, I have the small, day trips that I am planning. Pittsburg with Jessie, Syracuse with Cadie and Rochester with Anthony and other friends.


I have a pretty tough reputation for staying in. When my boyfriend asks if I want to go out or stay in, I will always choose to stay in, cuddled up with a blanket and a movie. But this leads to a pretty lazy summer. This summer I have promised myself that I will go with the flow and take up people on their offers for plans.


MY LITTLE SISTER IS GRADUATING!!! I am so excited to be able to attend my baby sister’s graduation ceremony back at my old high school. I will also be able to help her get ready for senior prom! It’s so exciting and I am so glad that school is out and I will be home. Plus, I will also be home for her exhibition at the school program she’s a part of at the Buffalo Zoo. It is her final project to show what exhibit she proposes for an animal she’s been studying.


Yeah, I’m gonna complain about it. I kinda hate working all the time during the summer. But I won’t be complaining when my bank account is up. I’m so done with not having the money to do what I want. Plus, I work with some of my best friends.


Ok, this may not sound like a “thing to do” to you but for me, it’s an all-summer activity that requires planning and dedication. I am as pasty as they come and perfectly content to stay that way. But recently, I have had the wish to have that sun-kissed glow about me that can only come from spending time outside in the sun. However, because I have fair skin, I burn super easily. So I have to play the long game. My plan is to wear SPF every time I go out but go out A LOT.


– Griffith Sculpture Park (hiking location)

– Lewiston for dinner and hiking

– Visit the Ontario Zoo and the Niagara Aquarium

– The Strong National Museum of Play (don’t judge it’s for all ages)

– Syracuse for a cheese-stuffed pickle (again: don’t judge)

Abigail Taber is a first-year writer for the St. Bonaventure chapter of Her Campus. She enjoys writing about culture, entertainment, and the happenings in her college life. Abigail is really excited to be a part of such a cool organization that centers around the work and interests of women. She hopes to continue writing for Her Campus and become more involved in the editing and publishing side of things in the future. Beyond Her Campus, Abigail is the poetry editor for the literary magazine on campus, The Laurel, volunteers for the campus food pantry, and can be found in the library most hours of the day. Abigail has had her creative writing published in her high school's literary magazine, The Wisp, and wrote for the school's newspaper, Out of the Blue, all four years. She is currently a freshman at St. Bonaventure University, double majoring in English as well as Literary Publishing and Editing. In her free time, Abigail, or Abbey to her friends, enjoys reading, listening to music, and looking at art for her next tattoo. She is a music trivia master and a known enjoyer of any, and all, romance books. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing books in a big city. Growing up in a small suburb of Buffalo, New York, Abbey wishes to go somewhere that no one knows her name, or her mom's.