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In high school, I was someone who was known for my calm nature, quiet tone, and introverted ways. I was never the kid to raise my hand when a teacher asked a question, I was never the person to have hordes of friends, I never was someone who was the “talker” of the group, and these things were seen as bad qualities to have. I have social anxiety and I find it hard talking and bonding with new people. I find it hard to speak sometimes and it even drains me when I do talk at times.

I always wished that I was someone who was outgoing, someone who did not care what other people thought, and someone who was confident and put themselves out there. That is, unfortunately, not who I am and not who I ever was.

Now that I am in college, it is easier to come to terms with knowing that I will never be that outgoing, loud, boisterous person who has tons of friends. I sometimes even found myself taking for granted the friends and people I do have in my life because I felt as though I should have MORE and should strive to be someone that I am not.

At the beginning of college, I tried so hard to push myself to talk to people, to show a personality that wasn’t truly mine, to act differently, and to just be someone that I was not. By doing this, I constantly felt as if I was an intruder in my own body. I felt uneasy and it was mentally draining for me to pretend to be extroverted and confident to others. Eventually, I could not do it anymore, so I decided to just start being me and I went back to my introverted self.

When I started to act more like me, I found that maybe I did not have tons of friends and maybe I find it hard to find my voice sometimes, but I have found the best people to surround myself with who love me for me. I do not have to talk much, I do not have to be overly confident or loud, and I do not have to be someone who is extroverted for my people to like me. Being me brought them into my life and I am going to continue loving myself and my introverted ways.

Noella is a member of Her Campus Saint Bonaventure chapter. As a new member she looks forward to focusing on writing about health and fitness in a college student’s life, and how to navigate the world of college while engaging in a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. She also is interested in delving into writing about the experiences of a college transfer student and how to adjust to new college atmospheres, specifically at Saint Bonaventure. Noella is currently a second-year student studying Criminology and Cyber security. She transferred to Saint Bonaventure after her first semester of the first year from Medaille University where she studied Veterinary Technology. Aside from Her Campus, Noella has entered writing pieces for Scholarship awards, and has received the Journey Health System Scholarship for an essay she wrote. She is also an editor for The Laurel, a member of Criminology club, a volunteer for the SBU food pantry, and a member of Psychology club. In her free time, Noella enjoys playing basketball, videogaming, and going to the gym. She loves all things sports and has a passion for working out and staying active. She loves writing fiction stories in her free time and loves to read psychological fiction and mystery books. She also has a love for animals and grew up on a farm taking care of animals on a day-to-day basis.