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My Gilmore Girls Review

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Since coming back to school to start the spring semester, I decided I needed to start a new TV show. After scrolling through Netflix for quite a while I finally settled on Gilmore Girls. I know I am very behind on this one, as the show came out in the early 2000s. I wanted something with a lot of seasons that could keep me occupied for a while and Netflix doesn’t really have many of these shows anymore, so I had to settle. 

Now, I’ll be honest, this show is nowhere near my favorite thing I have seen. I know a lot of people really like it, but I just can’t really understand why. I am now on season 4 so I feel like am I far enough in to judge. Almost every character in this show is so unlikeable it makes no sense to me why there are serious fans of the show. Rory is super selfish and treats her friends and boyfriends horribly, and Lorelai is the exact same way. I know she had a bad past with her parents, but she always acts like the victim in every situation. They raised her for sixteen years until she got pregnant, and even then, they were willing to take care of her and help her raise the baby. Lorelai ran away and barely spoke to her parents for sixteen years and the only reason she did is because she needed something from them. She now complains every episode that she has to interact with her family once a week. 

I also do not understand the love people have for Rory’s ex-boyfriend Jess. I know he comes back and she dates him again so I may be missing something but he is a terrible person. He is disrespectful to every adult in the show, constantly ignores Rory, and is always in trouble but people excuse it because he’s different and likes to read. I know this is a hot take, but I am team Dean. Not for Rory though because I think he can do better. I know he was wrong sometimes like when he broke up with Rory because she couldn’t tell him she loved him and when he said he would like it if his wife was a housewife. Even how bad these were, they are nothing compared to what we see Jess do. 

The only people I really enjoy in this show are the side characters like Sookie, Jackson, and Luke. Even Lane and her short-lived relationship with Dave is better than Rory and Jess or even Dean. So, I would say if you are looking for a show with a lot of episodes to keep you busy for a while, this one might do the trick but keep in mind it might not be one of the best shows you have ever seen

Hi, I'm Delaney! I'm a sophomore at St. Bonaventure and a Sports Media major. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, playing sports and reading.