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My life wouldn’t be the same without my younger brother David. I am just two years older than David, and we are the only two children. Naturally, we shared everything growing up. The same snacks, vacations, memories and even clothes (though David’s style was always more fashionable). We shared the same rusted station wagon in high school, and I’d cherish getting to drive my brother to school each morning. We’d laugh at the broken stereo and put my Bluetooth speaker on the dashboard as a substitute. My brother and I have a beautiful dynamic, but it’s fair to say it wasn’t always this way. Like most brother-sister duos, we often clashed as we grew up into two distinct individuals. Our conflicts were always trivial: “Who ate the last of my chips?” “Your music is way too loud David!” “Can you tell your friends to leave, I want to use the pool now!”

As we navigated coming-of-age together, we began to form an unbreakable bond. As the older sister, I felt innately protective over David and wanted to ensure he could avoid the same mistakes I made. David, in turn, always offered me sage advice in some of my most confusing times. He is an incredible listener and wise beyond his years. He was always so gentle, patient and understanding toward me. I valued his opinion above anyone else’s.

A catalyst event for our connection was the topic of college. I had fallen in love with my college experience. Every break, I’d come home with thrilling photos and stories of my time away. David wanted the same satisfaction but was overwhelmed by the entire college search and admissions process. I jokingly nudged him to explore St. Bonaventure University, the campus I called home.

David was looking to study environmental studies and had several great schools and programs to explore. For some reason, I always pictured David at a large, urban school. He was the cool, “artsy” brother whose vibe and persona I always admired. I was shocked when he came to visit me and expressed his love for Bonaventure’s campus and culture.

Though I knew David respected Bonaventure for its sports, location and class size, I never conceptualized him sealing the deal. When he told me he knew it was Bonaventure, my jaw dropped. I envisioned him walking to class, spending time with me and my friends and cheering on our basketball team alongside me. Being the sappy sister I am, I went into my bedroom and shed a few happy tears. I was beyond proud of David and all that he had worked for. To think that we could have two years together and a shared college experience made my heart swell.

My favorite memories with David include our late-night debriefs when I am home for breaks. If I stay out late with my friends, I will come home to a silent house. My parents are sound asleep, but I know I can find David still wide awake perched on the family room couch. He’ll move over his bag of Chili Doritos or video game controller and motion for me to come join him. We’ll rehash all that’s happening in my life and his. We’ll share late-night snacks, sarcastic remarks and heart-to-heart advice on how to navigate this crazy thing we call life.

To think that these late-night debriefs could be a nightly and weekly occurrence next year makes me jitter with excitement. Being away at school without my brother has been challenging, yet I feel it has made us even closer. We are forced to savor our time together and be mindful of how and when we can communicate when we are apart.

I cannot wait to see how the next two years unfold with my brother by my side. To know David is to love him. He has seen me at my best, and worst, and has remained loving and supportive throughout everything. I wish that everyone could experience a sibling bond of the David-Katie caliber in their lifetime.

The future is uncertain. The future is scary.

But to think I get even a sliver of more time alongside my brother makes me think it all turns out just fine.

Katie is a social media executive for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. Her experience with social media, advertising, and writing allow her to combine her passions and advance her university's chapter of HC. She has been a part of Her Campus since freshman year. It has been her favorite on-campus extracurricular to become involved with. Katie is a second-year student studying Strategic Communication and Marketing. She finds joy in being involved on campus through various organizations including Her Campus, Jandoli Women in Communication, and College Democrats. She is Vice President of SBU's Freshman Leadership Program. She is also a full-time student ambassador who enthusiastically leads tours for prospective students. (Request her as your tour guide!) In her free time, you can find Katie reading, hiking, and laughing with her friends. She loves spending time outdoors, especially in the fall. Her guilty pleasures are copious amounts of (iced) coffee and country music. Some of her favorite artists include Chris Stapleton, Fleetwood Mac, and Luke Combs. Katie will eagerly engage in any conversation about her beloved hometown, Buffalo, New York. She will likely attempt to convert you to become a Buffalo Bills fan, and could talk about Josh Allen for hours. Post-grad, Katie hopes to be using her creative talents towards a fulfilling career in the world of advertising.