On My Block: A Netflix Original Review

The Netflix original show On My Block is a show that is dramatic with a hint of realistic events that many teens face on a day-to-day basis. Anywhere you go there is some type of harsh reality to that area with few people who care to help.  This show highlights key problems within these communities.

The show opens in a hood, rundown and ghetto area in California with gangs surrounding the neighborhood. The neighborhood is divided between the P.O.C. (people of color). You have one area that is run by a Mexican gang called the Santos in a Mexican neighborhood. Then you have another area run by a black gang known called the Prophets in a black neighborhood.

In the middle of it all, you have a group of friends: Ruby, Jamal, Cesar and Monse. Monse is the only girl in a group of boys she’s known her whole life with a mother who abandons her and a father who is always away. Cesar is the younger brother of a boss in the Santos with a good amount of street credit that just wants to leave the area and be better. Jamal is the overthinker who can’t keep a secret to save his life and snacks when he’s nervous. His dad is a football legend who owns the neighborhood BBQ joint and wants Jamal to play football. Lastly, there’s Ruby, he’s the shorter control-freak of the group. All he wants to do is be “Ruben,” the player side of him, but he’s a sweetheart at best.

From romance and heartbreak, to witnessing a murder that makes their life run in a circle, this group of friends goes through a lot with each other in the span of two seasons. However, the show doesn’t just show you harsh realities that relate to many people’s lives. The show has a lot of hilarious moments that will make you ‘LOL’ and want to hang out with your close friends.

Personally, I love the show. The plot was so good and I was addicted. I began watching the show on a Sunday and finished it late Tuesday morning. Even though it is based in California, it kind of reminds of certain areas of my neighborhood during the summertime and just hanging out with friends, enjoying life. However, the thing about life is that it can get real or harsh in an instant for many people I know and sometimes I might just fall victim to it.

Article by Amber Peralta