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There are so many problems in our lives to the point we just want to get away from them. When we feel this way, we want to go to the place that makes us look at the upsides of life and not the downsides. Whether in the comfort of our own home or through traveling, we want to go somewhere where we feel at peace. For me, I get to that place through music.  

Music is more than a song or artist that you enjoy listening to. Music is something that makes your body feel a variety of emotions. Depending on the song, you might begin to feel happy, sad, or even confident. Even after the song, we will still feel the way we feel. Music comes in many forms. Whether it is from street musicians or songs on the radio, everywhere you go, music is always around you.  

When I listen to music, I realize how much of a significant impact it can have on my mental health. Music helps me forget about the world around me and it helps me focus on myself and how I am feeling. Some of the artists I enjoy listening to are TLC, Childish Gambino, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, and many more. I will lay in my bed, close my eyes, and imagine I am in a field where all the stars are shining brightly above me while I hear the song in the background. When I am there, I feel at peace.  

Another reason the music I listen to calms me down in stressful situations is because of the lyrics in the song. For example, I always listened to Moral of the Story by Ashe because of the one lyric that states “Some mistakes get made, that’s alright, that’s okay.” That one lyric helped me realize that things happen and that I may be upset now, but things will get better. The more I realize my mistakes, the more I will grow as an individual. When times get rough, and I need to listen to something, that will be the first song I play. 

Our generation has been shaped by so many things, but the music industry has had the most influence on our lives. Without music, I believe there would be no joy in the world. Music binds us as a community. The more common interests we have in music, the stronger the connections we have with those around us.  

Olivia Francis is a first-year member of the Her Campus at SBU chapter. She oversees the site’s culture, entertainment, and wellness verticals on the site, including mental health, relationships, TV shows, and movie coverage. Olivia is currently a first-year student majoring in Communications, Social Justice & Advocacy at St. Bonaventure University. Beyond Her Campus, Olivia has been published in many anthropologies over the years through an organization called Young Writers. In her free time, Olivia enjoys writing poetry and short stories, along with taking walks while listening to her favorite music genres on Spotify such as Pop or R&B. One of her goals is to travel the world someday and explore new foods and customs. An interesting fact about Olivia is she is not only the first college gen student but, she is the first female in her family to go for a higher education.