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In a “Man’s World” for Basketball Media Day

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

On October 17, 2018 I walked into the Hall of Fame room in the Reilly Center at St. Bonaventure University for basketball media day for the women’s and men’s teams. It was an opportunity to interview both teams about their thoughts and expectations for the upcoming season. I will never forget the feeling walking in and being the only female reporter at the event surrounded by at least 30 men. For most people that would be an uncomfortable situation, but I had to remain calm and confident and believe in myself that it is okay and that I am doing my job.

I did not let influences and thoughts get in the way for me from doing my job. I was given the opportunity to interview forward, sophomore Tshiefu Ngalakulondi and forward, junior Melkisedek Moreaux. It was very interesting what they had to say about the upcoming season. Nglaakulondi is a returning player and hopes to make a big impact this year. He hopes after last season he will bring more athleticism and confidence to the court. Moreaux is a transfer from Northeast Community College in Nebraska. He hopes to make an impact and is excited to play in the Reilly Center.

After interviewing these players, it gave me confidence because I was able to ask them questions and learn more about them. It was a great moment for me because I was able to stand up for my passion by getting through uncomfortable situations to perform a task. I took the leap of faith and pursued a career I want in the future. I want other women who want to pursue a career in sports to not be afraid and to take that leap of faith. Good results can happen if you just believe in yourself. I walk away from Basketball Media Day learning about two new players and showing that women can be just as successful in a male-dominated field.

Hi!  My name is Keara Donnelly. I am from Long Island, NY. I am a senior Strategic Communication major at Saint Bonaventure University. I am on of the Co-Chapter Correpondents this year for the SBU chapter. 
As an honors student of St. Bonaventure University, it is my objective to pursue a career that will complement my passion for working with people, my dedication to exceeding goals, and my motivation to innovate. The industries that I hope to make a difference in are fashion, media, and business.