Loving Our Survival Kits

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.


The beginning of the semester is definitely a challenge. Getting  back into the swing of classes, waking up early and losing that summer glow can all make us lose motivation to work hard. That's where the HC Surivival Kits come in! 

The NYC New York Color eyeshadow stick is great for giving a wash of color to perk up your face in the morning. Or for a more subtle look, it can be used as eyeliner. Lighter colors can be used in the waterline to make the eyes look brighter after a long night. Because the stick is so big, you won't need to repurchase for a while.

I love the TRESemmé beach spray for giving my hair that just-came-back-from-the-beach texture. It gives me summery vibes even on these chilly fall mornings. Spray it in and you won't even need to use the electricity from your curling iron. 

I have such a hard time waking up the mornings, especially when I have early classes. 5-hour Energy gives me a quick boost to get me through lectures without leaving me feeling shaky or fatigued after it wears off. Instead of drinking coffee, which often comes in styrofoam cups that don't decompose, 5-hour Energy produces less waste and more productive mornings.

Periods are not only painful on our bodies, but they really hurt the environment with all of the waste from pads and tampons. The Diva Cup is a bit intimidating at first, but it is painless and reduces all that waste. It just needs to be washed out and then can be reused! It won't help your cramps, but it will help Mother Earth. 

When buying beauty products, it's important to buy items that will help us but will also help others by giving back to the community! #GettingBackGivingBack