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AHHH! I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of senior year. I have a lot to look forward to during fall semester.

My free time has definitely increased since last semester, so I’m excited to have more time to hang out with my friends. I’m only taking four classes this semester. Hopefully I won’t be too overloaded and stressed from class.

I have a job this year, which is super fun. I love it so far. Although this is only the second week of working in my school’s career center, I think I’m getting the hang of it and settling into a routine. I am learning a lot about professional development. I am also gaining great experience in a professional setting, working on my transferrable skills and attending meetings. Plus, it’s paid! It’s always nice to earn a little pocket change.

My classes are super interesting this semester. I am a senior, so they are all related to my major and graduation requirements. I think I’ll get a lot out of one class specifically that is supposed to prepare us for finding a job. It’ll be nice to have interview practice, get tips on writing a strong resume and help update my LinkedIn page.

So far, my advertising class is the most interesting. I love the freedom and creativity that I get to use. Our first assignment was creating instant print ads. I had a lot of fun and practiced my drawing skills, which I didn’t think I would get to do for homework in college.

I’m so excited for the clubs I’m in to start again. Welcoming freshmen and new members will be fun. I love writing and editing for the school newspaper. We are working on revamping the layout of the pages. It might be a little challenging, but I’m up for it.

I’m also so happy to be back writing for Her Campus. From the initial interest meeting, it seems we have some great new members who are excited to join. It will be nice to get to know them as the semester goes on. I’m also looking forward to helping plan some fun events for everyone to attend.

I’m excited to make the most out of my senior year. Basketball games should be great this year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to travel to Buffalo later this fall or winter to make it to a football or hockey game with my friends.

Senior year should be a blast. I can’t wait to make some lasting memories.

Hi!! I'm Kelsey and I'm a senior strategic communication major at St. Bonaventure University. I love reading, writing, listening to podcasts and walking!