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Kassandra Garcia: Latina NFL Trailblazer

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If you’re anything like me, you love football. And if you watch football, you’ll notice it’s primarily all men. The players, the coaches, the commentators, the franchise owners. Historically, the only roles for women in sports were as cheerleaders or wives. In a 2020 report by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports, just 7% of professional administrative positions in the NFL were held by women of color. This statistic is disheartening for women who want to play an active role in the world of sports. But the narrative is changing. As I have grown up, there has been a slow and steady increase in the amount of women who have flourishing careers in the NFL. It’s far from perfect, but the league is continuing to make strides in representation for not just women, but people of color. The intersectionality of this new wave of NFL executives is promising. 

Enter Kassandra Garcia, a second-generation Mexican-American, who is one of the highest-ranking Latinas in the NFL. Garcia started working with the Rams in 2019 and is now Manager of Football and Business Administration. She began her journey at the University of Arizona, where she earned a degree in business administration. In addition, Garcia was a recruiting intern for the University. Her analytical skills and love of sports helped propel her to her now prestigious position in the NFL. 

Garcia attributes her success to her mother and grandmother, who fueled her ambition to pursue her dreams. Garcia’s grandparents emigrated from Mexico to the United States. They brought three children and their hopes and dreams to the United States. Despite the language and cultural barriers they faced, Garcia’s grandparents were able to build and sustain prosperous Mexican restaurants in Tucson, Arizona. This inspired Garcia to relentlessly chase her dreams and build a career she loved. 

The outstanding accomplishments of Garcia are, as she says, “No accident.” In an article with USA Today Sports, Garcia asserts, “I’m very stubborn. When someone tells me I can’t do something, it’s game over. The fire inside me burns to prove them wrong. I don’t know if that’s being stubborn, narcissism, ego — and I think about this all the time – but it’s gotten me this far.” 

Despite this confidence, Garcia claims that her willingness to fail was equally important. She explains that the most important thing she ever did was step into the arena knowing that she could fail, but persisting nonetheless. She knew she was entering a field dominated by men, and yet decided that she wanted to tackle (no pun intended) it anyway. 

During Hispanic Heritage Month and every month, women like Kassandra Garcia are exemplars in highlighting the societal progress happening daily. While we still have miles (and yards) to go, representation in sports matters. I have immense admiration for Garcia and her unyielding grit; it makes me think that we can continue to level the playing field and promote more women in executive positions within the world of sports. Garcia’s career is a true touchdown for everyone, especially women of color seeking representation in esteemed fields. 

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