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A Junior’s Guide to Bona Night Life

Year: junior

Major: journalism & mass communication

Hometown: Greece, NY.

Her Campus: “Use three words to describe your Bonaventure experience so far.”

Leo Gamble: “Exciting, fulfilling and convenient.”

HC: “What is your favorite memory?”

LG: “I think it was either freshman or sophomore year and I was just crushing a beer on a railing at Train. There were like 200 people there and I was like ‘Yeahhhhh college. Bonaventure is going to be dope.’ It was rambunctious.”

HC: “Can you describe the night life? How would you describe houses, like Train, to someone who doesn’t go here?”

LG: “So there are like about 30 off-campus houses in Allegany. About three to four of them on any given weekend night are just full of people.  All of the houses are kind of right next to each other. There isn’t a frat life here, but the rugby guys have a house, Mansion, the swim team has a house called Family, and groups of friends live together. Each house has a name but sometimes they change.  When you go to these house parties, there are so many people you can talk to. Train has a pavilion you can stand under and Sick is great with welcoming freshmen. There are also two bars that are pretty close together. Since there are only two, they are usually always packed.”

HC: “What else do you do you like to do on the weekends?”

LG: “I like to watch my friends play rugby and love to watch football for my fantasy team. On Saturday we are usually outside when the weather is nice, just hanging out. I like playing basketball; there are usually a lot of people that play on the weekends. And I just like exploring down in the town houses because there’s so many people that live there.”

HC: “What is your best advice to freshmen?”

LG: “To take everything in moderation. When it comes to alcohol and the party life, pace yourself; don’t put too much on your plate. And get out there and join clubs. Freshman year you should have at least a 3.0 because those will be your easiest classes. So don’t get caught up in the partying.”

HC: “What clubs are you involved in?”

LG: “Right now I am a part of the WSBU The Buzz and hopefully Bona Buddies. I’m also interested in joining CAB.”

HC: “Can you tell us about your radio show?”

LG: “My radio show is called ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and we play hip-hop and indi. My buddy Josh Svetz and myself host it. Josh knows a lot about hip-hop, he studies it, so I comment on what he has to say– I like to provide comic relief.”

HC: “Describe your sense of style.”

LG: “I’m pretty skinny so I like skinny jeans. I also like to slick back my hair and wear colorful things– sometimes they are wild. And I like to wear shoes like Converse and Vans. Marshalls is where I shop.”

HC: “What is your favorite quote?”

LG: “‘Only love and death change all things’– anonymous.”

HC: “What do you plan to do after you graduate?”

LG: “To get some job in communications, hopefully. Wherever the wind takes me pretty much.”

HC: “What is something that most people don’t know about you?”

LG: “I lived in Holland for two years when I was 7. My mom got a job offer and I went to an international school– it was pretty cool. My dad taught at my school and I had him as a teacher. So I’ve been to most countries in Europe and travelled to a lot of cities with my family.”

HC: “What was your favorite country you visited?”

LG: “Italy. I went there with my grandma, where she is from. We went to Venice, Napoli, Tuscany and Rome. I also like Belgium because they have statues of this little boy that’s about 4 or 5 years old because he peed on a fire and saved Brussels. There are so many fountains of him peeing. As a 7-year-old that was pretty hilarious.”


Photo credit: Leo Gamble

St. Bonaventure University Journalism & Mass Communication and Strategic Communications & Digital Media double major. I'm from Binghamton, New York and SBU's Her Campus senior editor. My life is like my hair– messy and uncontrollable.
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